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Pretty Thing By Jennifer Nadel

Pretty Thing ‘Pretty Thing’ is Jennifer Nadel’s debut novel.

When fifteen-year-old Becs meets Bracken, she is convinced she’s found her soul mate. So what if he’s much older? He understands her, she feels free with him and when he holds her she feels safe. But is she? Some young women in the area have been sexually assaulted. It’s the talk of the school. And when Bec’s best friend Mary-Jane becomes his latest victim, the true dangers hit home: just as Rebecca is starting to wonder about her future with Bracken – poor M-J rapidly shrinks away from life.

‘Pretty Thing’ is a story set in the 1970’s when Rebecca is just a 15 year old girl and has met Bracken, an older and more experienced man who sweeps her off her feet. Caught up in new relationship with Bracken, she finds herself committing to her new man and leaving her friends behind, particularly her best friend Mary-Jane is the victim of a sexual assault and needs her more than ever. But caught up in the throes of new love, Rebecca spends her time with Bracken, all the whilst a spurt of sexual assaults happen in the small town.

The story is told entirely through the narrative of Rebecca, a relatable girl who has spent her life under her fathers tyrant control, bitter and angry that his wife left them, he finds solace in alcohol and dictating Rebecca’ life, but when Bracken turns Rebecca’s head, she finds herself leaving everyone behind so she can spend all her time with him, I regularly found her selfish in her actions, as she rejected those who needed her most in favour to Bracken.

Even though Rebecca seems wiser than her peers, she is easily led by Bracken. As Bracken is older, he is dominant with Rebecca and often I found his affection and attention on the young girl to be claustrophobic, he was needy and to be honest, I mostly found him creepy.

Against the backdrop of a bleak and dismal setting, where poverty was quite often the issue, the soundtrack of the 70’s gives the book a bit of a lift.

A story about the excitement and consumption of first love and a sex pest targeting young women, ‘Pretty Thing’ is a dark and passionate story that held my attention throughout.

You can buy Pretty Thing from Amazon and is available to buy from good bookshops.

Walk On By By Stacey Solomon

Walk On By‘Walk On By’ is Stacey Solomon’s debut book.

Ever since Charlotte Taylor was a little girl she’s wanted fame and fortune. She sings with the voice of an angel and is soon plucked out of obscurity and into the limelight, an overnight sensation as ‘Lola’. Charlotte attends wild celebrity parties and moves in circles with the rich and famous, but the people living the life of celebrity aren’t all she imagined them to be and neither is her life. Struggling to find the real Charlotte again she battles against the crazy life she’s thrust into, desperately trying to swim to the surface. Blake Hudson is a self-made man. Successful in his own right, he’s busy making his own mark on the world. Self-assured, strong and determined, he’s not looking for a permanent relationship. But when he meets the sweet and charming Charlotte, he’s captivated. But the world of celebrity and business collide and commitments, half-truths and unintentional deception don’t make for smooth sailing.

I was a bit cynical when I was sent this copy, as it has been revealed in the past that celebrity writers don’t always write their own books, so I did wonder if Stacey did write this book and if she did, then this genuinely is a really good introduction to her writing career.

The story is about Charlotte Taylor, a young busker who is plucked from obscurity and is thrown in the spotlight as Lola, the latest singing sensation and follows in her career as she deals with the pressure, the bitchiness and the temptation of love when she travels to New York for a little bit of me time, when she meets handsome and charismatic Blake Hudson, who turns her life around and she begins to enjoy herself properly away from the glare of the camera.

This book is a fun and interesting tale, that could possibly be seen as Stacey’s own life story, as she rose to fame through the television show ‘The X Factor’. Charlotte is one of the sweetest characters that I’ve read in a while, genuinely kind and modest, she reflects back on a time in her life, where money wasn’t plentiful and her family struggled and wants to provide for her sister and her father, now that she is able. With low confidence, she is unaware of how lusted after she is and finds solace and reassurance from Roo-Roo, a celebrity make up artist and gay best friend who is always there and guaranteed to perk her up and the scenes between the two characters are always funny and warm moments.

The only flaw I had with the book was the cover of the book, which I felt didn’t portray the quality of the story.

Written in a fresh and fun style with lighthearted dialogue, I read this book in a day and found it almost impossible to put down. It was a really enjoyable and captivating story that provides an interesting and amusing insight into the world of celebrities and was a lovely debut novel from Britain’s most loved entertainers.

You can buy Walk on By (Best Things in Life) from Amazon and is avaialable to buy from good bookshops.

Abby Clements Reveals New Book – The Heavenly Italian Ice Cream Shop

The Heavenly Italian Ice Cream ShopAbby Clements recently revealed the cover and name to her new book due out this summer called ‘The Heavenly Italian Ice Cream Shop’.

The story of the ‘The Heavenly Italian Ice Cream Shop’ is –

Full of mouth watering flavours, sunshine and escapist adventure, The Heavenly Italian Ice Cream will delight readers with a taste for sweet treats and romance. Anna and her husband Matteo are ready to embark a delicious adventure. After and year and a half running their ice cream shop on Brighton beach and raising their baby Isabella. Matteo is starting to miss Italy. A shared passions for ices means that it’s easy to settle on a new business idea – they’ll open a shop in the towns cobbled square, a short walk from the towns sparkling blue sea. For a while, life is sweet but then Matteo’s overbearing family get involved. Anna’s younger sister Imogen feels like things are finally coming together – she’s living with her boyfriend Finn in a beach house in Brighton and her photography is taking off. Then her carer stalls and the lure of Capri and man from her past prove difficult to resist. Join Anna and Imogen and share a summer on the Amalfi Coast that you’ll never forget.

‘The Heavenly Italian Ice Cream Shop’ sounds like a lovely summer story and is a lovely start to Abby’s new adventure with her new publishers, Simon and Schuster.

You can pre-order The Heavenly Italian Ice Cream Shop from Amazon and will be available to buy from good bookshops from 2nd July 2015.

Melissa Hill Reveals New Book – The Hotel On Mulberry Bay

The Hotel On Mulberry BayIrish author Melissa Hill is back this Autumn with her new book, ‘The Hotel On Mulberry Bay’.

The story of ‘The Hotel On Mulberry Bay’ is –

Mulberry Hotel, perched on a clifftop above a sweeping bay, was once the heart and soul of pretty seaside town Mulberry Bay. Run by the Harte family for years, the place itself is almost as beloved as cheery landlady Anna.

The hotel was also once home to thirty-something sisters Eleanor and Penny, and while youngest sister Penny still lives close by, it’s been some time since Elle has visited. But following a family tragedy, Elle is forced to return from her busy London life and reassess her past.

When it becomes apparent that the hotel is in dire straits, Elle and Penny are unprepared for the reaction of their father, Ned, He steadfastly refuses to give up the family legacy, revealing that he’s given up something equally precious once before. Startled by their father’s surprising revelation, the sisters unite, with the local community behind them, in their efforts to save the hotel – and, in the process, heal the fractures in the Harte family. You can pre-order The Hotel on Mulberry Bay from Amazon and will be available to buy from good bookshops from 22nd October  2015. But if you live in Ireland  or own an eBook device, the book will be available 23rd April 2015! 

When We Were Friends By Tina Seskis

When We Were Friends‘When We Were Friends’ is the latest book by Tina Seskis.

It had always been the six of us.

Since we met at university twenty-five years ago, we’d faced everything together. Break-ups and marriages, motherhood and death. We were closer than sisters; the edges of our lives bled into each other. But that was before the night of the reunion. The night of exposed secrets and jagged accusations. The night when everything changed.

And then we were five.

‘When We Were Friends’ was the first book that I’ve read by Tina and it was an awesome introduction to this new author, as her cleverly written story about secrets and friendship had me gripped from the very beginning.

The story is about six women, who at one stage were all best friends and were there for each other during relationship break ups, betrayal and deaths, but as the years passed, the women all begin to grow and resent each other, as their lives turn out differently than they all had dreamt off. Reluctantly they all agree to meet up for a picnic and hope they have a nice evening together and put their issues aside, but instead the ugly truth and arguments happen and only five of the women return to their homes.

The six women are complex and intriguing, Juliette is finding things hard, her marriage is falling apart and her children hate her. Natasha likes to have everything under her control but like Juliette, her marriage is also in trouble. Renée never settled down, after an incident in America, she prefers to be alone. Siobhan is petulant, a grown woman with a tendency for having outbursts, she is the most outspoken of the group and a rarely thinks before speaking. Camilia is the peacemaker and mummy of the group and hopes that this time together will result in them all being friends again and finally there is quiet and meek Sissy, who lost the love of her life, heartbroken but determined to be strong for her children.

The story begins just as the women prepare to go on the picnic, they are apprehensive as to what the evening will bring but they are also excited to catch up on old times and reflect. But when the picnic is over, the story flows back and forth between the past and present times. As there is so much back and forth, the chapters are neatly titled as the locations of the characters and this prevents the readers from getting lost. The chapters are short and snappy and give detailed accounts of the background of the people and how they have become who they are in life. As the chapters are short, it is very easy to become completely absorbed in the book and so I found myself reading into the early hours as I kept thinking, “just one more”

Perfect for fans of Liane Moriarty, and with an intriguing cover, ‘When We Were Friends’ is a captivating story about friendship, packed with drama and deceit, the tale is skilfully written with unexpected twists and turns, that will leave the reader shocked. I couldn’t put it down and will most certainly be looking into other books by the author.

As Handwritten Girl is part of the book tour for ‘When We Were Friends’, author of the book, Tina Seskis tells us about the background of one of the main characters of the story Juliette.

Juliette is the beautiful one of the group, with lake-green eyes and extraordinary cork-screw hair the colour of ginger biscuits. She is fragile and delicate, the kind of person everyone always tries to look out for, and she and Renee in particular made a very close bond at university. Juliette is from a small village in Berkshire and on the surface of it she had a lovely upbringing with doting parents, who bought her a pony and gave her everything she needed materially, and who loved her with all their heart. But Juliette discovers a secret when she is nineteen that eats away at her, and she becomes increasingly hard and bitter over the years. After university she marries a boorish man called Stephen, although she never really loves him. When they go on to have three children she finds that, despite living in a lovely house with an abundance of domestic help, she is a useless housewife and mother, and her middle son Noah seems particularly affected. For years Juliette has had an unspoken issue with her erstwhile best friend Renee, which makes it awkward for the others, although no-one knows the real reason why.

You can pre-order When We Were Friends from Amazon and will be available to buy from good bookshops from 23rd April 2015.

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