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Genuine Fraud By E. Lockhart

Genuine Fraud‘Genuine Fraud’ is the latest book by E. Lockhart.

Imogen is a runaway heiress, an orphan, a cook, and a cheat.
Jule is a fighter, a social chameleon, and an athlete.
An intense friendship. A disappearance. A murder, or maybe two.
A bad romance, or maybe three.
Blunt objects, disguises, blood, and chocolate. The American dream, superheroes, spies, and villains.
A girl who refuses to give people what they want from her.
A girl who refuses to be the person she once was.

When I started reading ‘Genuine Fraud’, I was initially a little bit confused because in the very beginning the story started in the present but then every chapter after, is a time previous to each chapter.

The story is seen solely through the eyes of Jules, a reclusive young woman who lives in awe of her best friend and heiress Imogen. But when Imogen goes missing one day leaving her estate to Jules, we begin to see a different side to the quiet woman.

The story travels backwards which can make for interesting but occasionally difficult reading. As each day is the day or week before instead of the day or week after but then once I got past that, I found myself gripped by the book.

Jules is an interesting character, with a troubled childhood, she portrays herself as a simple and honest woman but really she is calculating and manipulative. She appears sweet and wholesome, when in reality she’s working on an international master plan that could potentially free her of all her problems.

Her obsession with Imogen, is quite fascinating in parts also, childhood school friends, Jules is fixated with Imogen after Imogen helped her. She’s the only real person that has ever helped Jules and Jules is obsessed with this, wanting to be with her friend again, even though they were only friends for a short time. Meanwhile Imogen, isn’t the nicest of characters, she’s quite superficial even though she pretends not to be whilst using her friends around her.

A dark and twisted tale about obsession, that’s set against the backdrop of exotic locations, ‘Genuine Fraud’ is a cleverly written story that will have the reader sitting on the edge of their seat.

You can buy Genuine Fraud

#OneInAMillion Competition Launches on Bookshop Day

Books Are My Bag 2017

Books Are My Bag are celebrating selling 1 million tote bags and they are offering book lovers the prize bundle of a lifetime – £250 National Book Tokens, a Golden ticket to the Hay Festival, a picture signed by Quentin Blake, West End tickets… see below for more details. This is the most incredibly gift ever!

Now in its fifth year, the Books Are My Bag campaign highlights and celebrates the vital role of high street and campus bookshops. Over the last four years, a million people have worn a Books Are My Bag canvas bag in support of the campaign.

One lucky book lover is in with the chance of winning a host of extraordinary prizes donated from across the book industry and beyond, including a beautiful, totally one-off Orla Kiely luxury leather bag, in the style of this year’s Books Are My Bag tote bag.

To enter, book lovers just need to Tweet #OneInAMillion saying what their favourite bookshop is and why.

The #OneInAMillion Prize winner will take home:
· An exclusive, one-off Orla Kiely leather bag
· £250 in National Book Tokens
· A golden ticket to Hay Festival
· Afternoon Tea for Two at Claridges (Hachette)
· London Zoo tickets and a copy of Zoo Quest (Hachette)
· A limited-edition copy of Alan Bennett’s ‘Keeping on Keeping On’, RRP £200 (Faber)
· A limited-edition print from Billy and the Minpins, signed by Quentin Blake (Puffin)
· A special edition ‘Handmaid’s Tale’ (Vintage)
· A set of Vintage Classics Dickens (Vintage)
· A signed ‘Fantastically Great Women Who Changed the World’ print by Kate Pankhurst (Bloomsbury)
· A signed first-edition copy of ‘Sparsholt Affair’ by Alan Hollinghurst (Pan Macmillan)
· A set of PanMacmillan 70th Anniversary edition books (Pan Macmillan)
· A pair of tickets to ‘The Christmasaurus’ Live on Stage at the London Apollo (Penguin Random House) – any date between 20 – 28th December

Two runners up will also be in with the chance of winning the following fantastic prizes:

Second Prize·
A signed copy of ‘Hurrah for Gin’ by Katie Kirby, together with a bottle of Sipsmith gin (Hachette)
· A copy of Nigella Lawson’s new cookbook, ‘At My Table’ (Vintage)
· A signed copy of ‘The Pearl Thief’ by Elizabeth Wein (Bloomsbury)
· A signed copy of ‘My Name is Victoria’ by Lucy Worsley (Bloomsbury)
· A signed copy of ‘Moonrise’ by Sarah Crossan (Bloomsbury)
· Subscription to the ‘New Scientist’ magazine (Hachette)
· Haunted House tour and a signed copy of ‘Devil’s Day’ by Andrew Hurley (Hachette)
· A mounted Emily Sutton print (Bloomsbury)

Third Prize
· A copy of ‘Sleeping Beauties’ by Stephen King and a box set of Stephen King DVD’s (Hachette)
· A signed copy of ‘Down to Earth: Gardening Wisdom’ by Monty Don (DK)
· A copy of The Creakers by Tom Fletcher (Puffin)
· A signed print of Oliver Jeffers’ new book ‘Here We Are’ (Penguin Random House)
· A Perfectly Norman print by Tom Percival (Bloomsbury)

The competition marks the 1 millionth Books Are My Bag tote bag to be worn by the public, showing their support for bookshops in the UK & Ireland.

Meryl Halls, Head of Membership Services at the Booksellers Association, said: “Reaching our one millionth supporter is a hugely exciting milestone, and we’re delighted to be able to show our thanks to bookshop lovers across the UK & Ireland with this fabulous prize. It is wonderful to see the book industry coming together to support bookshops with the amazing prizes they have donated. We wish everyone the best of luck, and look forward to hearing all about our supporters’ favourite bookshops!”

Bookshop lovers will have until 7th November to enter the competition, with the lucky winners being revealed on 25th November, when bookshops across the country will offer a Saturday Sanctuary as respite from the business of daily life.

Orla Kiely, said: “I am so happy to have collaborated with the Bookseller’s Association. As a great lover of books and bookshops, nothing gives me more pleasure than discovering a new book, whether it’s a beautiful edition on a new favourite photographer, a great novel or a rare out of print edition. There is nothing more relaxing, inspiring or stimulating than reading and losing oneself in another world. We should all take time to read and importantly, to encourage our children to love books.”

Beta By Rebecca Holman

Beta‘Beta’ is the first book by ‘The Debrief’ editor, Rebecca Holman.

‘Beta’ celebrates the collaborators, the pragmatists, and the people who believe that being nice works and getting your own way isn’t always the most important thing. It is a call-to-arms that explores the unsung workforce of Beta women who are being great bosses, great leaders and are still living their own lives: having relationships, making time for friends, having families.

When I initially started to read ‘Beta’, I was in a bit of a strange place. I was trying to figure out my place in my life, particularly my career.

I had just been in a job where I was surrounded by alphas and my voice and myself had become lost and I was unsure as to where to travel next.

But, in this brightly coloured book, I found an reassuring solace, that I wasn’t alone and just because I didn’t always shout the loudest, there are other ways that I can be heard.

In ‘Beta’, Rebecca Holman, writes about being successful in her career as a beta pretending to be an alpha. She’s speaks frankly off her success without being overpowering and domineering and puts her success down to the right leadership and team.

I genuinely loved this book and found it to be quite an insightful and fascinating book that I stumbled upon at just the right point in life. I found myself to have a kinship with Rebecca. Like her, I’m reluctant to give orders and voice opinions, incase this causes people to dislike me, but in ‘Beta’ Rebecca has addressed these issues with solutions, that have not only helped me but also helped improve my confidence and self worth.

A life affirming, well written and thoroughly researched book, ‘Beta’ is a fun and entertaining book, packed with anecdotes and interviews, that really delves into women’s roles in the workplace and helps us find our voices without having to raise them.

You can Beta: Quiet Girls Can Run the World: There is more than one way to be the boss from Amazon and is available to buy from good bookshops.

Annie Darling Writers Tip

True Love at the Lonely Hearts BookshopAnnie Darling, author of ‘True Love At The Lonely Hearts Bookshop’ shares her writers tips for aspiring authors.

Read! Read! Read! You can’t be a writer without being a reader first.

The Blind By A.F. Brady

The Blind‘The Blind’ is A.F. Brady’s debut novel.

Every morning, psychiatrist Sam James gets up at six forty-five. She has a shower, drinks a cup of coffee, then puts on her make-up. She ignores the empty bottles piling up by her door. On this particular morning, Sam is informed of a new patient’s arrival at Manhattan’s most notorious institution. Reputed to be deranged and dangerous, Richard is just the kind of impossible case Sam has built her reputation on. She is certain that she is the right doctor to treat such a difficult patient. But then Sam meets Richard. And Richard seems totally sane. Let the mind games begin.
The Blind is the first book by A.F. Brady and it’s a gripping story that made for a fascinating story.

Solely written in the first person, we meet psychologist, Sam. She works in a mental institution where she tries to get people to face their demons and struggles, but it seems that she has far more than she lets on. On the outside, she’s polished to perfection, reliable in her work but inside, she’s battling a drink addiction, an abusive boyfriend and a new patient that refuses to speak.

As she tries to get the new patient, Richard to face his problems, his issues are making her address her own and realise that she needs to get her life in order.

Sam, is an interesting character, she’s complicated, impulsive, troubled and addicted to troubled people. She’s also apologetic for them and constantly making excuses for their behaviour. Her fascination with Richard is really fascinating reading as she tries to piece together his life.

This story made for compulsive reading that really held my attention. Riddled with tension and suspense, this atmospheric book is cleverly written with a complex lead and an even darker plot, ‘The Blind’, is a chillingly good book that will make you look at people in a different light.

You can buy The Blind from Amazon and is available to buy from good bookshops.