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Rosie Blake Discusses Her Best, Worst And Dream Dates

Rosie BlakeRosie Blake’s debut novel, ‘How to Get a (Love) Life’ charts Nicola Brown’s progress as she attempts to get a love life before Valentine’s Day. A run-in with a clairvoyant, adventure on the high seas and many disastrous dates ensue. Here, Rosie talks to Handwritten Girl about her best ever (and worst ever!) dates.

One of my best dates had to be with the man who I am now married to. He had planned to take me for dinner and in the middle of the dessert course told me to hurry up as we had to be somewhere. The place we had to be? A stand up night. I was impressed. Then, loads of my friends showed up and we all ended up having this epic, spontaneous night out and I never looked back. Total. Winner.

My worst had to be with an actor I dated. He was in a comic theatre show so we were going to meet after the performance for a late dinner. He was a jealous type and had quite big mood swings. On his way to meet me we spoke on the phone. He asked me where I had spent my evening and then proceeded to get completely worked up over the fact it had been with one of my best male friends. He arrived to the date still dressed as a clown with sad little mascara tears dripping down his face, wearing baggy yellow trousers and one of those hats with the tiny propellers on top. I had to break up with him there and then and he just started crying more.

My dream date would involve some kind of fabulous food, a woodland walk, a spa visit, afternoon tea and some cocktails. Mostly just time to spend chatting and lounging around and enjoying each other’s company. I’m not big into flashy gestures and just want to laugh and feel relaxed.

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