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Envy By Amanda Robson

Envy‘Envy’ is the latest book by Amanda Robson.

Erica has always wanted to be exactly like her neighbour, Faye: beautiful, thin, and a mother. But Faye’s life isn’t as perfect as it seems – she has a terrible secret, and slowly but surely, it is threatening to destroy her and everything she holds dear. When Faye’s daughter Tamsin goes missing after school, the police turn to Erica. But is Erica the only one who has been enviously watching Faye? Or is there another threat hiding in the shadows…?

Like previous novels by Amanda, ‘Envy’ is a dark and twisted story that really pulls the reader in.

Faye is the main character, a woman who is obsessed with her appearance, strives for perfection and is constantly looking for the big break with her modelling job, but at 34, she’s not that much in demand much to her despair. But unbeknownst to Faye, she has other admirers that she’s unaware off and they will do anything to get close to her, whether that means taking her daughter or tearing her family apart.

The story is also seen through the narrative of Erica, a quiet and timid neighbour who’s in awe of Faye’s glamorous life and wishes they were friends, but is let down when Faye has a one night stand with Jonah, a man who is also obsessed with her and will do anything to have Faye in his life. As well as Philip, the clueless husband.

The different narratives to the story, make it a speedy read, as a woman who is used to being in control, Faye finds herself constantly on edge and battling to prove her sanity as people begin to question her actions and why things are happening. As the story progresses and things begin to unravel, we see a different side to Faye, uninterested in her appearance and only concerned for her family.

As the story flicks back and forward on the characters, it gives an interesting insight into the impact that actions can have on people’s lives, in Faye’s case how a one night stand can consume two strangers for different reasons.

A twisted and sordid tale of jealousy and obsession, ‘Envy’ is a gripping page turner of a book, riddled with drama, flawed characters and bad behaviour.

You can buy ‘Envy’ from Amazon and will be available from good bookshops from 4th April 2019.

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