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Falling Leaves And Fireworks By Chrissie Manby

Falling Leaves And Fireworks‘Falling Leaves And Fireworks’ is a short story by Chrissie Manby.

The thirty-first of October usually marks the start of the party season in the Benson Edwards household but, having recently lost his beloved cat Fishy, little Jack, aged eight, isn’t ready to celebrate. When the rest of the Bensons and their neighbours decide to throw a Halloween fancy-dress bash in an attempt to cheer Jack up, however, not everything goes to plan as Mark and Ronnie play a ghostly prank which inadvertently sparks a local scandal. By the time Bonfire Night rolls around, will their neighbourhood relations be up in in smoke? And will Jack have rediscovered his sparkle?

This story story sees the return of the Benson Edwards family, the fun and warmhearted family from Chrissie’s successful ‘Proper Family’ series and this story is solely seen through the eyes of Ronnie, the older sister of the family. Her family is heartbroken when the family cat suddenly dies, particularly her youngest son Jack who is distraught that his feline friend has departed. Whilst Ronnie worries about her little boy, her eccentric neighbour Cathy is convinced that she can contact the spiritual world and one day Ronnie and her husband Mark decide to play a joke on their naive neighbour, with hilarious results.

I’ve been a fan of the ‘Proper Family’ series since the very beginning and love the characters, the story has just the right combination of humour with tenderness that makes the book perfect reading. The story is only 94 pages long, so it’s an ideal length to curl up with and is the perfect distraction from the cold and windy weather. Fun from the start, ‘Falling Leaves And Fireworks’ is an enchanting tale filled with fun moments, tender scenes and a ghostly cat that makes a lovely albeit short return to the heart-warming family.

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