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Just For The Holidays By Sue Moorcroft

Just For The Holidays‘Just For The Holiday’s is the latest book by Sue Moorcroft.

In theory, nothing could be better than a summer spent basking in the French sun. That is, until you add in three teenagers, two love interests, one divorcing couple, and a very unexpected pregnancy. Admittedly, this isn’t exactly the relaxing holiday Leah Beaumont was hoping for – but it’s the one she’s got. With her sister Michele’s family falling apart at the seams, it’s up to Leah to pick up the pieces and try to hold them all together. But with a handsome helicopter pilot staying next door, Leah can’t help but think she might have a few distractions of her own to deal with.

Sue is back with a jolly and warm hearted story set against the warm climate of France.

Leah has decided to go on holidays with her sister, Michelle, her two teenage children and her brother in law. The only reason she is included in the holiday, is to be a buffer as Michelle and Alister are splitting up and Michelle announces that she is pregnant and needs some time with the baby’s father to help sort her head. So Michelle, needs to act as mother on the holiday and look after her children, but it’s just for the holidays.

The story is a warm hearted tale with a pretty cover. Leah is a lovely lead in the story, she has a huge heart and even though it frustrates her, she would do anything for her sister even if it is against her better judgement. She loves her niece and nephew dearly and enjoys nothing more than rolling up her sleeves and cooking with the pair of them. With caring for two boisterous teenagers and a suddenly injured Alister, Leah becomes slightly distracted with her handsome next door neighbour Ronan and his EMO son, Jordan.

After a series of failed relationships behind her, she’s wary of starting something new but with his Irish charm and masculinity, Leah is drawn to Ronan and decides that maybe she could have a relationship, but like her role as a mother, her relationship could just for the holidays.

The story is primarily seen through the eyes of Leah but there is also the inclusion of Ronan’s perspective as he deals with his attraction towards Leah and also Jordan, his son’s perspective adds a sweet and innocent perspective to the summer story.

A charming, poignant story and filled with wonderful, energetic characters. This book is a story about starting over, new beginnings and young love, ‘Just For The Holidays’ is the perfect summer holiday book

You can buy Just for the Holidays from Amazon and is available to buy from good bookshops.

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