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No Further Questions By Gillian McAllister

No Further Questions‘No Further Questions’ is the latest book by Gillian McAllister.

The police say she’s guilty. She insists she’s innocent. She’s your sister. You loved her. You trusted her. But they say she killed your child. Who do you believe?

‘No Further Questions’ is the second book by Gillian McAllister and I found the book to be quite a struggle to read at times, as the topic was off.a sensitive nature that made for hard reading.

The story is seen through the narrative of sisters Martha and Becky as they deal with the aftermath of one fateful night when Becky was put in charge of Martha’s only child, 8 week old Layla, only for the baby to die in her care. Now Becky is potentially facing jail time for a death, that she maintains she isn’t responsible for. The story flows back and forth during events leading up to the night and also includes perspectives who are also witnesses in the case.

This story was a struggle to read, as two sisters go head to head and try to piece together the missing pieces of the night, Martha is distraught that she has lost her little girl, but try as she might, she cannot believe that her sister is responsible for her daughters death. Whilst Becky has her struggles and issues to deal with, her quick temper and flair for drama, makes people suspicious of her actions, even though she and those around her are convinced of her innocence.

Complex and twisty from the start, the story is a dark tale that made for compulsive reading, the book touches on subjects of alcoholism, infidelity, mental illness and really tackles the issues with honest and sensitive writing.

A reflective and heart wrenching story about love, loss and sisterhood, ‘No Further Questions’ is a suspenseful story that really pulls the reader in.

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