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Everything I Know About Love By Dolly Alderton

Everything I Know About Love‘Everything I Know About Love’ is the debut book by Dolly Alderton and also been shortlisted for Waterstones, Book of the Year.

Dolly Alderton was a former Sunday times dating columnist and in her debut book, she embarks on a thirty year journey exploring the various relationships she’s been in over the years and how they have shaped her into the woman that she has become.

Through memoirs, diary entries and random emails, this collection of stories are wittily and poignantly written that makes for bittersweet and sad reading in parts. Dolly explores the complexities of relationships, not only with the opposite sex but with friends through the years.

On this journey, we encounter feelings of betrayal and jealousy when friends fall in love and leave others behind, a situation that we’ve all experienced at some point in our lives. The tragic story of losing friends to illness, which is a particularly heartbreaking chapter as well as the hilarious dramas of online dating.

This book is a story of self discovery and self worth and for Dolly, it was all about putting herself before relationships and for me that’s admirable, especially in today’s society where there is such pressure put on our status in life.

Also having recently seen Dolly in conversation about this book, she is a warm and witty woman who offers inspirational advice to women who are struggling with relationships.

An honest account of life and relationships with plenty of humour throughout, ‘All I Know About Love’ is most certainly an insightful book that offers advice to people who are at a turning point in their lives.

You can buy Everything I Know About Love from Amazon and is available to buy from good bookshops.

I See Through You By Daisy McNally

I See Through You‘I See Through You’ is Daisy McNally’s debut novel.

Cleverly written in a way that we offer sympathy to Skye and the way that she was treated instead of thinking her crazy, ‘I See Through You’ is a rollercoaster of a story that offers a darker side to holiday romances.

Skye has finally met someone she can trust. A holiday romance, of all things. But you know when something real comes along, when it’s meant to be. Don’t you? A week after returning home, and Johnny has disappeared. He hasn’t called or returned her messages. Then, with the easiest of lies, Skye finds a way back in to Johnny’s life – and to the people in it. When she makes an unlikely friend, they realise that Johnny is telling lies of his own. So will the two women find a way to bring him down – or each other?

For the last couple of days, I’ve had my head in this book, this dark and thrilling story really gripped me from the first page.

The story is seen through the narrative of Skye and is written in the past and present tense, as she deals with the love affair that she had with Johnny. A charismatic man who sweeps her off her feet whilst on holiday, but once the holiday is over. He disappears leaving her heartbroken. Back home, she has to adjust to life without the man who was promising her the world but instead befriends his mother, under the guise of being called Molly to get closer to Johnny.

For a debut, I thought this book was a brilliant story. A twisted tale of revenge and obsession with not only love but also social media. The bleak atmosphere of the Edinburgh streets provided the background to this claustrophobic story. The characters are complex and interesting, particularly Skye with her troubled background as well as Anna, a friend of Johnny’s who Skye initially saw as a threat but instead sees her as a kindred spirit as they both share stories about Johnny.

Cleverly written in a way that we offer sympathy to Skye and the way that she was treated instead of thinking her crazy, ‘I See Through You’ is a rollercoaster of a story that offers a darker side to holiday romances.

You can buy I See Through You from Amazon and is available to buy from good bookshops.

The Importance of Being Aisling By Emer McLysaght and Sarah Breen

The Importance of Being Aisling‘The Importance of Being Aisling’ is the latest book by writing duo Emer McLysaght and Sarah Breen.

Job. Flat. Boyfriend. Tick. Tick. Tick. Aisling (seems) to be winning at life. But life has other ideas.
Fired. Homeless. Dumped. Tick. Tick. Tick. When everything comes crashing down around her, moving back in with her mam seems like a disaster. But might returning to her roots provide the answers Aisling’s looking for?

Aisling is back with another tale of drama, wit and Irish charm.

After the sadness and upheaval from the first book, our favourite Irish lass is back with more drama.

When she’s let go from her sensible and secure job and suddenly single, Aisling is in limbo and unsure what to do, so she returns home to her Mam to try to figure what she wants to do next with her life. With new developments afoot in the town, Aisling decides to take the bull by the horns and fulfil a dream of opening a new cafe that will offer brunch, like the cafes do in Dublin. But, Aisling’s life is never straightforward and she finds herself embarking on new friendships, dramas and award winning sausages along the way.

I’ve grown to love Aisling, as I’ve come to the conclusion that there’s a little bit of Aisling in all of us. Although, there is no denying that the books are hilarious, filled with one-liners and situations that will leave the reader in stitches, there are quite a few sad and heartbreaking moments as well that really did take me a back and even whisper “oh no” at one stage.

The characters are relatable and the situations are believable, at some in everyone’s life, we’ve questioned where we are in our lives and where we want to be next and I found myself really on the same journey as Aisling.

‘The Importance of Being Aisling’ is a deliciously fun and uplifting story, filled with Irish warmth and charm throughout, this book is the perfect escapism from real life.

You can buy The Importance of Being Aisling from Amazon and is available to buy from good bookshops.

The Promise By Katerina Diamond

The Promise‘The Promise’ is the latest book by Katerina Diamond.

When a young woman is found strangled in her own bedroom, DS Imogen Grey and DS Adrian Miles are plunged into an investigation to find a twisted serial killer who likes to date his victims before he kills them. Determined to stop the horrific deaths, Imogen is forced to act as bait – but will she get caught in her own trap? As the search for the killer ramps up, attention falls on the strange new boy in town. Why does he watch his neighbours through the windows? And could the truth be closer to home than any of them realise?

I’m a huge fan of Katerina’s writing, her books are always chilling and twisted that make for shocking and haunting reading.

In this book, the detective duo Adrian Miles and Imogen Grey are still reeling from their last case, when Imogen’s relationship fell apart and Adrian’s new girlfriend was murdered and they aren’t given much time to catch their breath before a new killing spree starts.

When a young woman is murdered, it’s immediately suspicious the way the body is left as well has her phone being taken. As well as trying to solve the murders and catch the killer before the body count is getting higher, Imogen finds herself taking part in online games and dating hoping to trap the killer.

The story is seen through the narrative of both Adrian and Imogen as they both try to move on with their lives. Both hurt and alone, they find solace in each other’s pain and find the lines of their relationship being blurred. There’s also the inclusion of smaller sub stories that are weaved throughout the main plot, which make the story gripping as well as giving the reader the opportunity to figure out the killer before the detective duo.

Connor has moved to England with his alcoholic father after living in America hoping to make a lives for themselves after the tragedy that they left behind. He’s troubled young teen that the pupils of his school are fascinated with, but he’d rather be left alone and deal with his demons. There’s another story where the narrator is unknown stuck in an abusive relationship that she’s trying to escape.

In Katerina’s true form, the story is gripping and chilling with gruesome reading that does make the reader pause and reflect. With clever writing, suspicious characters and a roller coaster of a plot, ‘The Promise’ is a thrilling crime novel that leaves the reader on the edge of their seat!

You can buy The Promise from Amazon and is available to buy from good bookshops.

Second Chances At The Log Cabin By Catherine Ferguson

Second Chances At The Log Cabin‘Second Chances At The Log Cabin’ is the latest book by Catherine Ferguson.

When Roxy proposes to her boyfriend Jackson in a moment of madness on live TV, she’s mortified when he rejects her. To escape the embarrassment, she takes a job working as baking assistant at the idyllic Log Fire Cabin. Roxy hopes the new job will take her mind off Jackson, because to her eternal annoyance, she hasn’t been able to stop thinking about him. But when Jackson turns up at the cabin unexpectedly, things begin to go wrong. With a sprinkle of snow, the help of new friends and more than a couple of mince pies, can Roxy heal her heart in time for Christmas?

I haven’t read many books by Catherine Ferguson, but after reading this festive delight, I’ll definitely be looking into other books by the romantic author.

In this story, we meet Roxy. She thinks she’s met the man of her dreams, Jackson is handsome, charming and kind, everything she is looking for in a partner. After being made redundant and Jackson offers for her to move into his house, Roxy thinks that her life is changing for the best and suddenly spurned on by Dutch courage, finds herself proposing to him on live television, only to be turned down.

Heartbroken and jobless, Roxy retreats to lick her wounds, as every time she pops out, someone recognises her reminding her of the embarrassment. But, one day when she’s feeling particularly low, she runs into Poppy, who’s stressed out with her busy job as a cook and randomly offers Roxy a job.

Not the best cook in the world but willing to give it a go, Roxy accepts and finds herself at a log cabin preparing food for strangers, pretending she’s a cuisine chef, but amongst those that she’s cooking for is Jackson with his new partner Sophie.

I loved this story, it’s a modern love story with strong characters and lots of humour and charm weaved throughout. Roxy is a lovely character, she’s fun but she’s broken from a previous relationship and scarred from a teenage incident she finds it hard to trust people. She lacks in self confidence and belief but as the story progress, we see her grow in confidence and blossom. She handles interactions with Jackson with humour and grace, even though he publicly humiliated her. Her boss Poppy is also a charming character, kind and bubbly whereas as Jackson’s new partner is quite cruel and cutting which made for entertaining reading as the personalities clashed.

A heart-warming and festive tale about love and new beginnings, ‘Second Chances at the Log Cabin’ is the perfect festive read, filled with the mouth-watering recipes, that will have the reader reaching for their mixing bowls!

You can buy Second Chances at the Log Fire Cabin from Amazon