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Rewrite The Stars By Emma Heatherington

Rewrite The Stars‘Rewrite The Stars’ is the latest book by Northern Ireland author, Emma Heatherington.

From the moment they meet one December day there’s something between Charlotte Taylor and her brother’s best friend, Tom Farley. But Tom’s already taken and Charlie has to let him go. It’s another five years before their paths cross again only a secret from the past forces Charlie to make a choice. She promises herself she’ll never look back. The years pass and Charlie moves on with her life but she can never forget Tom. He’s always there whispering ‘What if?’ Can Charlie leave the life she has built for one last chance with Tom? Or is the one that got away not really the one at all…?

I set and read this charming book in two sittings over the weekend and I thoroughly enjoyed this heartwarming book.

The story is seen through the narrative of Charlotte Taylor who one day meets Tom Farley and becomes besotted with the idea of him being the one. Years later, they meet again only for things again not to work out when Charlotte’s brother is involved in a terrible accident that she feels responsible for. Tom moves away to London and Charlotte stays in Dublin. Both Charlotte and Tom are musicians but Charlotte focuses on her teaching career whilst Tom is in a popular band that is rapidly getting bigger and forever reminding Charlotte of what might have been if they had given the relationship a proper chance.

The story is written over a period of time as both characters develop and move on on their lives, Charlotte meets Jack, falls in love and get married, the expected progression in life, but all the while wondering what if.

Charlotte is a lovely lead character, she’s kind, relatable and like everyone else in the world, wonders if the grass is greener on the other side. Warmly written with poignant moments that makes for tender reading and with laugh out one liners and fantastic supporting characters, ‘Rewrite The Stars’ is a warm and cosy story that is perfect to curl up with on these cold autumn evenings.

You can buy ‘Rewrite The Stars’ from Amazon and is available from good bookshops.

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