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The Accidental Love Letter By Olivia Beirne

The Accidental Love Letter‘The Accidental Love Letter’ is the latest book by Olivia Beirne.

Bea used to feel confident, outgoing and fun, but she’s not sure where that person went. Over the last few months, she’s found herself becoming reclusive and withdrawn. And despite living with her two best friends, she’s never felt lonelier. To make things worse, she’s become so dependent on her daily routine, she’s started to slip out of everyone else’s. But when a mysterious battered envelope covered in stars lands on her doormat, Bea wonders if she could find the courage to open it. It isn’t addressed to her, but it could be… if you squinted…

‘The Accidental Love Letter’ is the latest book by Olivia Beirne.

I quite liked this book as I found Bea and myself to be quite similar, we both have battles with confidence and anxiety and at our core, we are always trying to make others happy and putting their happiness before our own.

Bea is a lonely character and that’s the main theme to the story. Loneliness and mental health. But one day she receives an accidental love letter and this gives her a new purpose in life and some new friends. The writer of the letter asks her to get in touch with his grandmother and Bea does this and finds herself pretending to be someone else and this brings out a whole new personality, a passionate and empowered woman instead of a meek and timid character that she becomes in front of her workmates and friends and people repeatedly take advantage of her kind character.

As the story flows along we see Bea become a stronger and more independent woman and characters around her lean on her for support as their own lives unravel.

I thought this book was a well written and tender story, that I really felt an empathy for Bea, touching on grief, stress and depression, this book was a relatable read but with such serious and sensitive issues, Olivia delivers them with wit and charm that really made the book an enjoyable read.

Tenderly written from the first page, ‘The Accidental Love Letter’ is a life affirming and inspirational story that will have you crying and giggling in equal measures.

You can ‘The Accidental Love Letter’ from Amazon and will be available to buy from good bookshops.

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