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The Birthday House By Jill Treseder

The Birthday House”The Birthday House’ is the latest book by Jill Treseder.

The year is 1955, the location picturesque Devon. In a house by the River Dart, schoolgirl Josephine Kennedy posts invitations to her twelfth birthday party – a party that never takes place. Horrific violence is committed that night in the family home, leaving all of its occupants dead.Based on a disturbing real-life crime, this compelling story explores Josephine’s fate through the prism of friends and family – the victims and survivors who unwittingly influenced the events that led up to the tragedy. Josephine’s best friend, Susan, is haunted by the secrets of the birthday house. Can she ever find a way of making peace with the past?

At only 150 pages long, ‘The Birthday House’ can easily be consumed in one sitting.

Seen through the multiple narratives leading up to the horrific murders of a family, as a father is consumed and heartbroken by his wife’s infidelity, that he kills them all, including the family dog. The story is also seen through the eyes of the people who are left behind and consequences of the actions.

The story is set in the 1950’s in a small village. Claustrophobic and bleak in its setting, the story is atmospheric from the first page leading up to the sad events. Seen from the perspective of the murdered child, Josephine who’s aware of her father’s moods, her concern is only her birthday. The innocence and the naivety of the little girl is certainly heartbreaking.

Based on true events, ‘The Birthday House’ is a sad and tragic story, that really strikes a chord. With vivid descriptions and narratives, this story is a story of love and loss.

You can buy ‘The Birthday House’ from Amazon and is available to buy from goodbookshops.

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