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The Debutante by Kathleen Tessaro

The Debutante book cover

The Debutante is the latest novel by American author Kathleen Tessaro, bestselling author of Elegance and tells the tale of Cate an art exile from New York, who accepts the job offer from her aunt Rachel to help her value the contents of the once grand Georgian house. Cataloguing the contents of the house alongside Jack, who like her has, his own unsettling life that he longs to escape from. Whilst working in the Georgian house, Cate discovers a hidden shoebox in a locked off room. In the shoebox, she finds an exquisite pair of dancing shoes from the 1930’s along with a photograph and a TIffany bracelet.

When returning to London, rather than face up to her own messed life, Cate starts a quest to find out about the owners of the shoes, in doing so she reveals that the shoes actually belonged to Diana Blythe and her sister Irene, two of the most famous and sought after debutantes of their generation.

As Cate continues with the quest and begins to unravel a tale of dark, mystery and addictive love, it leads Cate to face up to some of her own demons along the way with the aid of Jack, an unlikely ally. Can the truth of the famous sisters give Cate the chance she needs to be able to live and love again?

The Debutante is a wonderful read from the very start, I particularly enjoyed the letters written by Baby Blythe throughout the book to her sister and her lover, informing them of her wild and rebellious ways, with the inclusion of the letters, it gave you a further insight to the characters. All the characters were very dark and complicated each with their troubled pasts, that they all seem to be trying to escape from but history seems to be cropping up all the time, interrupting their calm. A wonderful addictive read about whether secrets can ever be fully kept.

You can buy The Debutante on Amazon and other good bookshops.

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