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The Family By Louise Jensen

The Family‘The Family’ is the latest book by Louise Jensen.

Laura is grieving after the sudden death of her husband. Struggling to cope emotionally and financially, Laura is grateful when a local community, Oak Leaf Organics, offer her and her 17-year-old daughter Tilly a home. But as Laura and Tilly settle into life with their new ‘family’, sinister things begin to happen. When one of the community dies in suspicious circumstances Laura wants to leave but Tilly, enthralled by the charismatic leader, Alex, refuses to go. Desperately searching for a way to save her daughter, Laura uncovers a horrifying secret but Alex and his family aren’t the only ones with something to hide. Just as Laura has been digging into their past, they’ve been digging into hers and she discovers the terrifying reason they invited her and Tilly in, and why they’ll never let them leave…

When I should have been sleeping at the weekend, I sat up late reading this book unable to put it down until I reached the final page.

Louise has written a book that’s thrilling and suspenseful with unreliable narratives that makes for exiting reading.

Seen primarily through the eyes of mother and daughter Laura and Tilly, they are struggling to get their lives back on track after the sudden death of their husband/father. Financially unstable, they have no one to turn to since the town has turned on them. Their only offer of help comes from a small community group at the edge of the town, that is rumoured to be a cult. With no other better option, they move in and immediately they are taken care off. Both women in awe of the handsome and charismatic Alex, the leader of Oak Leaf Organics.

Both women are fascinating characters and it’s interesting how different they view each other. Laura tries to be there for her daughter but is pushed away, whilst Tilly tries to help her mother but is seen as a nuisance. Alex is a complex character, idolised by many of the people in the community, he harbours a secret that I found myself racing through the pages to find out.

Eerie and unsettling in places, ‘The Family’ is a well written thriller that really pulls the reader in. Dark and atmospheric from the beginning, the story touches on vulnerability, loss and lies and is the perfect twisty thriller that will keep you guessing until you’ve reached the final page.

You can buy ‘The Family’ from Amazon and is available to buy from good bookshops.

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