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The Guilty Wife By Elle Croft

The Guilty Wife ‘The Guilty Wife’ is Elle Croft’s debut novel.

Bethany Reston is happily married. But she’s also having an affair with a famous client. And no one can ever know. But I’m innocent of murder. When Bethany’s lover is brutally murdered, she has to hide her grief from everyone. But someone knows her secret. And then one day the threats begin. With an ever-growing pile of evidence pointing to her as the murderer, the only way she can protect her secrets is to prove her innocence. And that means tracking down a killer.

I started to read this book one day during an unexpected snow day and found myself gripped by the pacy thriller that kept me reading into the late hours.

The story is seen solely through the eyes of Bethany Reston, to the outside world she’s a happily married woman with a successful job photographing one of Britain’s leading entrepreneurs, Calum Bradley. But secretly she’s having an affair with him and is the last person to see him before he was brutally murdered.

As the police investigate the tragic death as well as look into Calum’s last movements, Bethany tries to keep her affair a secret but it seems that someone knows about her illicit romance and Bethany finds herself subject to threats of revealing her secret. As the evidence pile up against her, Bethany finds herself the lead suspect in the case. But as she tries to find out who her tormentor is, she’s finds herself always one step behind them.

With short and snappy chapters, this book was an addictive read. Bethany is an interesting character, I didn’t find her particularly likeable but I did find myself sympathising with her and rooting for her. The story travelled at a fast pace, it was cleverly written with twists and turns throughout that really did keep me on my toes. The plot is quite intense and serious and the inclusion of Bethany’s best friend, Alex gave the story a burst of humour throughout the suspenseful story.

A dark and thrilling story about lust and deceit, ‘The Guilty Wife is filled with shocks throughout really makes for a remarkable thriller.

You can buy The Guilty Wife from Amazon and is available to buy from good bookshops.

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