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Time To Say Goodbye By S.D. Robertson

Time To Say Goodbye‘Time To Say Goodbye’is S.D Robertson’s debut novel.

Will Curtis’s six-year-old daughter, Ella, knows her father will never leave her. After all, he promised her so when her mother died. And he’s going to do everything he can to keep his word. What Will doesn’t know is that the promise he made to his little girl might be harder to keep than he imagined. When he’s faced with an impossible decision, Will finds that the most obvious choice might not be the right one. But the future is full of unexpected surprises. And father and daughter are about to embark on an unforgettable journey together.

All over Twitter, people were expressing thoughts on this book, the emotions they went through when reading it and the tears they shed. I tried to avoid reading any reviews on the book as I wanted to read it with a fresh mind and it’s safe to say, this book repeatedly surprised me with its twists and turns over the last couple of days.

The story is seen solely through the narrative of single father Will Curtis and begins right at the point that he is killed in road traffic accident. Suddenly in limbo, Will can’t pass over to Heaven, until he can properly say goodbye to his six year old Ella, who he promised that he would never leave. Now, Will is stuck with a deadline to keep as he desperately tries to contact Ella and tell how sorry he is that he had to break his promise. Along this journey, Will is exposed to things that he never dreamt of happening, the secrets his family keep and people who he never thought he would see again.

As a debut, this book is definitely a great one and most certainly a story that stays with you long after you reached the final page. It’s refreshing to see a male author writing in this genre and it’s particularly nice, that it’s written from a fathers perspective.

Will is an interesting character, he is wrecked with his sudden death, leaving his daughter and it tears him up to think that she believes she left him and as he tries to reach out and reassure her, it makes for touching and very emotional reading as the two characters interact reflecting on their lives. He’s passionate with a fiery attitude and refuses to give up even when things are at their worst. Ella is an innocent and sweet little girl, who is confused and hurt that everyone close to her leaves.

The story is filled with many twists and turns that makes for enjoyable but genuinely heartbreaking reading. A story about saying goodbye and moving on, ‘Time To Say Goodbye’ is a tender tale that will have you reaching for the tissues.

You can buy Time to Say Goodbye from Amazon and is available to buy from good bookshops.

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