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Fiona Gibson Reveals New Book – The Mum Who’d Had Enough

The Mum Who’d Had EnoughFiona Gibson is back with a brightly covered book this year called ‘The Mum Who’d Had Enough’

What the back cover says-

Nate Turner has a nice life. He has a steady job as a driving examiner, and lives with his wife Sinead and son Flynn in a lovely house in a good part of town. Yes, it’s a very nice life.

Until one morning Nate comes downstairs to find Sinead gone and a note lying on the kitchen table, listing all the many things that Nate does wrong – or doesn’t do at all.

Now, somehow, Nate needs to show Sinead he can change – fast. But as Nate works on being a better husband and dad, his life changes in amazing and unexpected ways. And he starts to wonder whether he wants to go back to normal after all. Could there be more to life than nice?

I absolutely love the sound of this book and can’t wait to add it to my TBR pile.

You can pre-order The Mum Who’d Had Enough from Amazon and will be available to buy from good bookshops from 14th June 2018.

Sue Moorcroft Reveals New Book – One Summer In Italy

One Summer In ItalySue Moorcroft has revealed the name of her new book for 2018 called ‘One Summer In Italy’.

What the back cover says –

When Sofia Bianchi’s father Aldo dies, it makes her stop and look at things afresh. Having been his carer for so many years, she knows it’s time for her to live her own life – and to fulfil some promises she made to Aldo in his final days.

So there’s nothing for it but to escape to Italy’s Umbrian mountains where, tucked away in a sleepy Italian village, lie plenty of family secrets waiting to be discovered. There, Sofia also finds Amy who is desperately trying to find her way in life after discovering her dad isn’t her biological father.

Sofia sets about helping Amy through this difficult time, but it’s the handsome Levi who proves to be the biggest distraction for Sofia, as her new life starts to take off…

Sounds like the perfect poolside story to read.

You can pre-order One Summer in Italy from Amazon and will be available to buy from good bookshops from 17th May 2018.

Isabelle Broom Reveals New Book – One Thousand Stars And You

One Thousand Stars And YouIsabelle Broom has revealed the name and cover of her fifth novel called ‘One Thousand Stars And You’

What the back cover says –

Alice is settling down. It might not be the adventurous life she once imagined, but more than anything she wants to make everyone happy – her steady boyfriend, her over-protective mother – even if it means a little part of her will always feel stifled.

Max is shaking things up. After a devastating injury, he is determined to prove himself. To find the man beyond the disability, to escape his smothering family and go on an adventure.

A trip to Sri Lanka is Alice’s last hurrah – her chance to throw herself into the heat, chaos and colour of a place thousands of miles from home.

It’s also the moment she meets Max.

Alice doesn’t know it yet, but her whole life is about to change.

Max doesn’t know it yet, but he’s the one who’s going to change it.

With an absolutely stunning cover, this book sounds like a delicious read!

You can pre-order One Thousand Stars and You from Amazon and will be available to buy from good bookshops from 23rd August 2018.

Hold My Hand Book Tour – Extract

Hold My HandSit back and enjoy an extract on the book tour for M’J Ford’s chilling new tale called ‘Hold My Hand’.

Jo tried to ignore the vibration in her jacket pocket and concentrate on what Dr Kasparian was saying.

‘. . . the cost of the vitrification starts at three thousand pounds for one harvesting procedure, but there are discounted rates for subsequent treatments.’

‘And would you recommend that?’

The doctor – well-tanned, athletic, expensive-looking wire-rimmed spectacles – spread his hands.

‘In most cases, the initial hormone boost should allow us to harvest more than one egg. Of course, probability-wise, you are more likely to conceive the more cycles of fertilisation you undertake.’ He looked at the papers in front of him.

‘Based on your age, any single attempt yields a twenty-two per cent chance of a successful pregnancy.’

‘One in five,’ said Jo flatly.

‘A little better that that,’ replied the doctor.

Not great odds either way. Her phone stopped ringing.

The doctor cocked his head sympathetically and removed his glasses.

‘Ms Masters, I realise this is a big decision for anyone, whether a woman of twenty years, or someone older. No fertility treatment is foolproof. But I can assure you that here at Bright Futures, we are solely concerned with providing you with the best possible care and outcomes. Our protocols are designed to the highest medical technology standards in the field. Our results reflect that – we’re in the top ten percentile points of success.’

‘So three grand?’ said Jo. If she got the promotion to Detective Inspector, it wouldn’t be a problem. ‘Do the eggs have a best before date?’

You can buy Hold My Hand from Amazon and is available to buy from good bookshops.

29 Seconds Book Tour – Review And Extract

29 SecondsOn the book tour for TM Logan’s latest book, ’29 Seconds’, I’ve a review and an extract to host.

Give me one name. One person. And I will make them disappear . . .

When Sarah rescues a young girl in trouble, she expects nothing in return. But her act of bravery puts a powerful and dangerous man in her debt. He lives by his own brutal code, and all debts must be repaid – in the only way he knows how.

He offers Sarah a way to solve a desperate situation with her intolerable boss. A once-in-a-lifetime deal that will make all her problems disappear.

No consequences. No comeback. No chance of being found out.

All it takes is a 29 second phone call

‘29 Seconds’ is a fast paced thriller with a strong protagonist and an insanely dislikable enemy, that made for gripping and frustrating reading.

In this book, we meet Sarah, a woman who’s looking to get ahead in her job but there’s one thing, holding her back. Her boss, Alan Lovelock. A bully, controlling man who preys on women, tormenting them with lewd sexual advances and comments. Many women have tried to stand up to him, but have failed and ended much worse than they initially were.

As a tired mother of two, whose marriage is currently on a break, Sarah, is tired of Alan’s advances and is determined to make a change when the opportunity arises.

This book is fast paced with many unexpected twists which made the story quite shocking in parts. Alan is a horrendous character, vile with an old fashioned, sexist attitude, so I was rooting all the way for Sarah. I loved Sarah, she was a strong woman who refused to be next in a long list of women.

A thrilling, thought provoking story, that had me hooked from the start ‘29 Seconds’ is fast paced drama about the battle of morals that was impossible to put down.

You can buy 29 Seconds from Amazon

Fancy a sample from the gripping drama? Then look no more.

The Russian lit his cigar and drew on it heavily, clouds of smoke rising to the ceiling. ‘I have never been in debt, not one day in my life. Never owed anything to anyone. Until now. Back home we say that debt is beautiful – but only after it has been repaid.’

‘You don’t owe me anything,’ Sarah protested.

He considered the tip of the cigar, glowing cherry red. ‘Do you know what a truly good deed is, Sarah?’

‘When you do a good turn.’ She shrugged. ‘When you help someone. You know.’

He shook his head emphatically.

‘No. A truly good deed is one that is totally unselfish, with- out any hope or expectation of a reward. By its nature, a truly good deed cannot be repaid.’ He rolled the cigar between thumb and forefinger, before pointing it at her. ‘But I am going to try. Because in my life I have learned that to be a great man, to be a leader, we cannot simply strike back against the evil done to us. We must also reward loyalty, bravery, brains, to truly elevate ourselves above the masses. My colleague Mikhail, for example: you met him already this evening, I think. At the age of fif- teen Mikhail hacked my company’s computer network, planted viruses, made a mess. Not to steal, just to have fun. We caught him, of course, and he was punished. But I recognised his genius with the computer and asked him if he wanted to come work for me, to stop such attacks happening again. And he has provided loyal service ever since.’

‘I don’t want anything from you. I’m just glad your daughter is safe.’

‘You don’t seem to understand, Sarah. Listen to me: I am in your debt. Every good deed must be rewarded. And the reward should match the deed, so I’m going to give you something very special – a gift like no other.’ He took a deep drag on the cigar, smoke coiling from his nostrils. ‘Back home in Russia one of my other nicknames was volshebnik. Do you know what this means?’

‘My Russian is about as basic as it gets, I’m afraid.’

‘It means “The magician”. Because I could make things disap- pear – money, evidence, problems.’ He paused for a moment, his dark eyes boring into her. ‘Sometimes people, too.’

‘O-OK,’ Sarah said, hesitantly.

‘The men who took my son in Moscow – I made them disap- pear. All of them. The men who tried to take Aleksandra last week, they were members of an Albanian gang who want to carve a niche for themselves. They too will disappear soon. So here is my offer.’ He put the cigar in an ashtray and leaned forward, hands clasped together on the desk. ‘You give me one name. One person. And I will make them disappear. For you.’