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Chasing The Sun Book Tour – How To Survive A Girly Holiday

Katy CollinsOn the book tour for Katy Collins’ new book, ‘Chasing The Sun’, Katy gives us top tips to help us survive a girly holiday without the drama!

Your gal pals know you better than you know yourself so can make the perfect partner-in-crime travel buddies. As much as I enjoy travelling solo I also love that when you jet off with someone else you get to share all stories and the memories. Here are my top tips for making the most of your precious time away to maximise that incredible girl power:

#Sharingiscaring – If you’re travelling in a big group then take it in turns to be the leader, don’t just lump it all on one poor sod to be in charge of booking the accommodation, finding nice places to eat, managing the finances and sorting out cheap flights. No-one should be forced to play mum.

#Waterbabies – No doubt your liver will take a beating whilst you’re away, whenever I hang out with my friends I can guarantee that a bottle of vino won’t be far away. From a swift drink at the airport, a miniature vodka and coke on your early flight, to tracking down the nearest bar before you’ve had time to unpack will probably be how you start and mean to go on. However, don’t be the party pooper that peaks too soon, stay hydrated, try to alternate water with every round and remember stamina is the key here.

#Gowiththeflow – It’s good to have an idea of the places you’d like to visit and the things you’d like to see but don’t follow some ridiculous to-the-minute itinerary that leaves you stressed, knackered and rushing about like a blue-arsed fly in order to tick them off your over-organised list.

#Moneytalks – It might be wise to organise a kitty when going on a night out and being upfront about how much everyone has budgeted for the trip so you don’t blow it all on some fancy bar on the first night and leave those with less cash feeling inferior and stretched to the max.

Chasing The Sun

#Independentladies – Is there something you really fancy doing whilst you’re away but have received an overwhelming not a chance from your mates? Remember that you don’t need to do the same thing together every single moment of every day. Obviously it’s nice when you all have similar interests but it doesn’t often work like that. Why not look at each planning an activity so everyone gets to try new things?

#Whatgoesontourstaysontour – Don’t tag your mates in embarrassing photos that could come back to haunt them and don’t bring up that incident once you’re back on home ground in front of their mum or boyfriend. Look after each other, stay safe and remain as thick as thieves.

#Getitoffyourchest – Following on from the last tip; don’t bottle up any bad feelings. If others are doing your head in then either distance yourself a little or have a chat about why them not pulling their weight is irritating you. You’re here to enjoy yourself not slag each other off.

#R.E.S.P.E.C.T – Rowdy stag do’s get a bad reputation but gangs of loud mouthed girls-on-tour or hen do’s can be just as annoying to everyone else apart from you. Don’t be a dick on the flight, don’t ruin other people’s holidays by insisting you’re the next Beyonce on karaoke and don’t trash your hotel leaving the poor cleaners to wipe up your lurid fishbowl coloured vomit. It ain’t big and certainly ain’t pretty.

#Avoidburnout – Eat well, drink plenty of water, slather yourself in sun cream and try to get enough kip. You may think you can follow the mantra ‘go big or go home’, however your home may be calling faster than you realise if you do go all out and collapse with fatigue or liver failure.

#BFF – Gossip away, take millions of selfies (duck pouts and all), perfect your tan and make memories that will have you chuckling to yourself months later. The most important thing is to enjoy all this time you’ve got together, it’ll be over before you know it so make every ruddy fun second count.

You can buy Chasing the Sun from Amazon and is available to buy from good bookshops.

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