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Cover Reveal – Her Last Breath By Tracy Buchanan

Her Last Breath The cover has been revealed for Tracy Buchanan’s new book, ‘Her Last Breath’ and it’s very intriguing.

What the back cover says

When fifteen-year-old Poppy O’Farrell goes missing a media frenzy ensues. None of this has anything to do with lifestyle blogger Estelle Forster – so why would someone send her a picture of the missing girl and a note, claiming to know Estelle’s secrets? To find out, Estelle must return to her coastal hometown and the shameful past she thought was long behind her. A dangerous game is being played, and the answers lie in the impenetrable community Estelle once called her own.

Perfect for fans of Liane Moriarty, C.L. Taylor and Clare Mackintosh, this addictive, twisting, emotionally powerful book will have you hooked until the very last page.

You can pre-order Her Last Breath from Amazon and will be available to buy from good bookshops from 29th June 2017.

Angela Clarke Reveals New Book – Trust Me

Trust MeI’m so excited to reveal the third book in Angela Clarke’s successful Social Media series called ‘Trust Me’

What the back cover says

What do you do if you witness a murder…but no-one believes you?

When Kate sees a horrific murder streamed live on her laptop, she calls the police in a state of shock. But when they arrive, the video has disappeared – and she can’t prove anything. Desperate to be believed, Kate tries to find out who the girl in the video could be – and who her killer is.

Freddie and Nas are working on a missing persons case, but tensions in the police force are running high and time is ticking. When Kate contacts them, they are the only ones to listen and they start to wonder – are the two cases connected?

I looking forward reading this thrilling story and to the return of the fighting duo Freddie and Nas.

You can preorder the ebook and paperback from Amazon and will be available to buy from good bookshops from 15th June 2017.

Obsession Book Tour – How I Got My Publishing Deal By Amanda Robson

Amanda RobsonI am delighted to be kicking off the book tour for Amanda Robson’s dark and chilling new book called ‘Obsession’.

Today Amanda tells us how she got her book deal.

I would say I got my publishing deal through a combination of hard work, good luck and keeping steely, steely calm.

Hard work. Anyone who is serious about becoming a novelist knows all about that. You have to work really, really hard to complete a novel, with no guarantee at the end of it that you will even get an agent, never mind a publishing deal. You can only do it if you really love writing for its own sake.

Good luck. Thanks to my agent, Ger Nicholl of the Book Bureau, my debut psychological thriller, ‘Obsession’, landed on my editor, Phoebe Morgan’s (Avon Harper Collins) desk, when she was looking for one. That is what makes a good agent. Recognising your work and knowing how to place it. Thank you Ger. Obviously Phoebe wouldn’t have bought it if she didn’t like it, but never the less Obsession was in the right place at the right time, and I consider that good luck. I also consider it good luck that Phoebe and I see things in the same light. We read the same novels; watch the same films and TV shows. Phoebe has been a complete joy to work with. I don’t think everybody likes their editor quite this much.


Keeping steely, steely calm. I always dreamt of getting an agent. I had a daydream that you flounced about for years having boozy lunches, making friends with them, gradually making minor adjustments to your work. But much to my disappointment, this was serious business. No such messing about. After I accepted Ger’s offer of representation she immediately started the nail biting process of sending my novel out to publishing houses. And what a nail biting process it was.

I heard about my book deal, last year, when I was skulking about at the Hay Festival feeling envious, as usual, of all the published writers. (I go to the Hay festival every year.) I knew Avon – Harper Collins were having an acquisition meeting to discuss my book, and that it started at 10am. Waiting to hear was stomach churning stuff. I didn’t get any news until well on in the afternoon, so as the time dragged I became less and less hopeful. But by mid afternoon I think, or at least after lunch – time was stalling of course- my mobile rang. Thumbs up!!!! Receiving that call was one of the most exciting moments of my life. Beyond exciting. Pivotal. Like falling in love. Getting married. Having children. That big.
The next talk we went to was by Michael Palin and I have never enjoyed a talk at the Hay Festival so much. The friends I was with kept turning around to watch me because I was laughing so much, tears in my eyes at all his jokes.

You can buy Obsession from Amazon and is available to buy from good bookshops.

Giveaway – Win Copies Of Paper Hearts And Summer Kisses By Carole Matthews

Paper Hearts And Summer KissesToday on the book tour for Carole Matthews’ new book ‘Paper Hearts And Summer Kisses’, I’ve two copies of this wonderful book to give away to a lucky pair of people.

What the back cover says

Christie Chapman is a single working mother who spends her days commuting to her secretarial job in London and looking after her teenage son, Finn. It can be tough just getting through the day but Christie has always found comfort in her love of crafting and any spare time she has is spent in her parents’ summerhouse working on her beautiful creations. From intricately designed birthday cards to personalised gifts, Christie’s flair for the handmade knows no bounds and it’s not long before opportunity comes knocking. All of a sudden Christie sees a different future for her and Finn – one full of hope and possibility, and if the handsome Max Alexander is to be believed, one full of love too. It’s all there for the taking. And then, all of sudden, Christie’s world is turned upside down. Christie knows that something has to give, but what will she choose? Will she give up her dreams and the chance of real love? What price will she pay for doing the right thing?

To be in with a chance of winning a copy of this fabulous book, simply answer the following question.

What is the name of Christie’s teenage son?

Leave your answer in the comment box below by Monday 24th April 2017. Good luck!

Want to know my thoughts on ‘Paper Hearts And Summer Kisses’ Click here.

The Secret Of Ivy Garden Book Tour – Extract

The Secrets Of Ivy GardenToday, I’m hosting the book tour for Catherine Ferguson’s new book, ‘The Secrets Of Ivy Garden’ and I’ve an extract from the sweet book. So, sit back, relax and enjoy.

Whenever I think of the Cotswolds, where Ivy lived the last decade of her life, I think of the row of pretty golden stone cottages skirting Appleton village green and the gnarled old oak tree by the cricket pavilion. In my mind, it’s always summer there and the sky is always blue.

But when I step off the train at Stroud – the nearest station to Appleton – I’m faced with a rather different view of the Cotswolds. Storms have been raging all week, causing destruction right across the country, and today appears to be no exception. I peer out of the station entrance at people scurrying for shelter from the steady drizzle and gusty wind.

I can’t afford to hang around. There’s only one bus to Appleton every two hours – and the next one leaves in ten minutes.

Grabbing a firmer hold of my suitcase, I start running for the bus station, dodging passers-by and puddles of rainwater. As long as the bus doesn’t leave early, I should just about make it.

And then it happens.

I round the corner a little too briskly, step to one side to avoid a man with a briefcase, and instead, cannon right into someone else.

Momentarily winded, I register the black habit and white veil the woman is wearing and my heart gives a sickening thud.

Oh God, I just nearly decked a religious person!

But worse is to come.

The nun, who I notice is remarkably tall, stops for a second to regain her balance. But she lists too far to one side and ends up staggering off the pavement into the water-logged gutter.

To say I’m mortified is a vast understatement.

‘I’m so, so sorry!’ I reach out to her, then draw back my hand, just in case she’s taken some kind of vow that forbids any form of physical contact during high winds. ‘God, are you all right?’

Shit, why did I have to say ‘God’?

She’s bending to retrieve her glasses, which mustn’t fit very well because they seem to have gone flying when she over-balanced. Her attempts at picking them up are failing miserably – so, flushed and overcome with guilt, I dive in, swipe them off the ground then rub them clean on my coat before handing them back.

She puts them on, almost stabbing herself in the eye, and that’s when I notice something odd. The glasses are attached to a large, false nose.

She sways and I grab her arm to steady her, wondering what on earth is going on.

‘Seen a bunch of people dressed as monks and nuns?’ she slurs in a voice that’s surprisingly full of gravel and several octaves lower than I was expecting.

‘Disappeared. And it’s my turn to get the beers in.’

Stunned, I shake my head. So not a nun, then. Not female either, come to that.

I glance at my watch.


Thanks to this stag-do buffoon, I’ve now missed the bus to Appleton and there won’t be another one along for at least two hours.

An arm snakes round my waist. ‘Hey, why don’t you come along? Join the pub crawl?’

Actually, how it sounds is Heywhydntcmlongjnpubcrawl? I stare up at his stupid false nose and black-rimmed glasses, the lenses of which are like jam jar bottoms. I’m amazed he can see through them. No wonder he charged right into me.

Like what you read? Then you can buy The Secrets Of Ivy Garden from Amazon