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What Lies Within By Annabelle Thorpe

What Lies Within‘What Lies Within’ is the latest book by Annabelle Thorpe.

Freya, Paul and Hamad. Three friends from two different worlds; a seemingly unshakeable bond, suddenly under threat.
A move that would change all their lives. The trio have stayed close since university despite Freya and Paul’s marriage and Hamad’s wealthy lifestyle – so different from their own. Then an incredible job offer from Hamad sees Paul and Freya move to Morocco. A city where nothing is as it seems Marrakech soon proves a perplexing place to live. Instead of reinvigorating their marriage, Freya finds the move is driving them apart. Revelations about their shared past force her to acknowledge that neither Paul nor Hamad is quite the man she thought. When a shocking crime is committed, Freya finds herself cast adrift in the dark corners of a bewildering city, unsure who to trust or to believe.

Set against the exotic location of Marrakech, this story is seen from the perspective of married couple Freya and Paul and their best friend Hamad, the couple have recently moved to the city, after receiving a mysterious invite from their best friend Hamad, which results in both getting new jobs in the bustling city. Freya is hoping that that the new city, will help their troubled marriage but it seems to driving the couple further apart.

As Freya throws herself into her new job, writing the memoirs for Hamad’s glamourous grandmother’s Edith, a woman who’s on the cusp of dementia but wants to share the memories and dramas of life before it’s too late. But as Freya delves into the Edith’s life, she begins to unravel secrets and lies that were buried deep long ago.

Meanwhile, Paul is working on a new project of redesigning three houses, but it seems that something sinister and supernatural at work preventing him, with a guilty conscience and a heavy workload, Paul is strugglng.

A complex and claustrophobic story about the dark side of expat life and the loniness of settling in, ‘What Lies Within’ is a cleverly written tale about love and deceit. Beautifully descriptive in parts, that made me want to jump on a plane this exotic tale was impossible to put down.

You can buy What Lies Within from Amazon and is available to buy from good bookshops.