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Paul Finch Writers Tips

C.L. TaylorAuthor of ‘Ashes To Ashes’, Paul Finch shares his writing tips for aspiring authors.

Learn the lessons of rejection. Sorry, but I’ve no time for newcomers who won’t listen to the advice of those who’ve gone ahead of them. We all of us get rejections in our early days (and not just then either, trust me). As the old saying goes, we should keep all our rejection slips so that we can gloatingly wallpaper our studies with them when we become successful. It’s no picnic at the time, being told that your work isn’t up to scratch. But if you want to get on, you need to turn this disappointment to your advantage. So, if an editor or a publisher or a producer takes the time to tell you why he/she has rejected your work, you don’t have to accept it, but you at least need to take note of it. And if you hear the same thing again and again, the likelihood is that the fault lies with you, not them. In which case, if you can put it right, that could be the difference between getting rejected again when you next submit … or making a sale. The other thing is, and it’s tied to that, you’re going to have to tough these rejections out. This is no job for a snowflake. But if it helps, remember this – it’s a long, rocky road for all of us, and we trip lots of times, but we only actually fail the day we give up.

Book News – Amanda Robson Reveals New Book Obsession

ObsessionIf you’re a fan of Paula Hawkins and BA Paris, then the new book by Amanda Robson called ‘Obsession’ is just the book for you.

What the back cover says

It is a simple question – a little game – that will destroy her life.

Carly and Rob are a perfect couple. They share happy lives with their children and their close friends Craig and Jenny. They’re lucky. But beneath the surface, no relationship is simple: can another woman’s husband and another man’s wife ever just be good friends?

Little by little, Carly’s question sends her life spiralling out of control, as she begins to doubt everything she thought was true. Who can she trust? The man she has promised to stick by forever, or the best friend she has known for years? And is Carly being entirely honest with either of them?

Obsession is a dark, twisting thriller about how quickly our lives can fall apart when we act on our desires.

I don’t know about you, but this is a book I’m definitely looking forward to reading!

You can pre-order the ebook of Obsession from Amazon from 4th May 2017 and the paperback will be available to buy from 1st June 2017.

Claudia Carroll Reveals New Book – Our Little Secret

Our Little Secret Irish author Claudia Carroll is back with a new book called, ‘Our Little Secret’.

What the back cover says.

A sparkling story about what happens when you let someone into your life… but they turn out to want more than you’d bargained for!

Sarah Dee has the perfect life. A high-flying job in a law firm, a beautiful daughter and a house to die for. So how does she find herself looking in through the kitchen window while another woman enjoys it all?

When Sarah takes pity on a struggling young graduate who can’t get a job, she thinks she’s doing the right thing. She’s being kind, generous and helpful to others, as she always is. But as Sarah allows the younger woman into her home, her law firm and even her family, is there more to this pretty youngster than meets the eye? And could this be a good deed that goes further than expected?

With a beautiful cover, that’s a bit different from Claudia’s previous books, this book is about what happens when your life becomes up for grabs…

You can pre-order Our Little Secret from Amazon and will be available to buy from good bookshops from 23rd March 2017.

It’s A Wonderful Life By Julia Williams

It's A Wonderful Life‘It’s A Wonderful Life’ is the latest book by Julia Williams.

This Christmas, be careful what you wish for. Christmas with the family. Cosy, relaxing…and a total nightmare?Driving home for Christmas, Beth has everything she wants. The kids and the house, the career and the husband. So why is it that when the New Year comes, she can’t stop thinking about her old college boyfriend? Beth’s sister Lou has just been dumped…again. Single and childless, she can’t help but be jealous of her sibling’s success. But is the grass really always greener?

I’ve had the delight of reading some great Christmas books over the last couple of weeks and I have to say that ‘It’s A Wonderful Life’ is a truly warm story.

The story is seen primarily in the first person of Beth King, a successful children’s author who’s suddenly struggling with her latest book and the once stable family that she was proud to be part is in chaos. After looking up to parents for achieving 42 years of marriage, her world falls apart when her father announces he’s having an affair and leaves her mother for another woman. Heartbroken, Beth tries to carry on with her book, but her life is filled with so many distractions, a broken marriage, rebellious children and a past love that’s it’s hard to put her little angel on the right road.

The story is also written in the third person for Beth’s sister Lou and Beth’s husband Daniel. Lou is struggling with her life, harbouring a secret from her family, she feels a failure to her parents and siblings for not being married and wants nothing more than to be loved meanwhile Daniel never got over his father leaving him as a child and when his father reappears wanting to make amends, Daniel finds it hard to move on causing conflict in the family.

The story starts at Christmas and flows on through the year to the following year and shows the progress the family has made from being a family that lived for Christmas to a now broken unit. It follows the ups and downs of the family when people are truly tested.

The many perspectives of the story make for insightful and entertaining reading as various members of the family deal with the sudden shift in the dynamics.

The story is sweetly written and flows at a warm pace that is both tender and humorous and with the cast of fun and vibrant characters the story is a lovely read. Also, the inclusion of extracts from Beth’s children’s book really does make for cute reading.

A pleasurable story about the importance of family and coming together, ‘It’s A Wonderful Life’ is an enchanting tale from one of Avon’s best loved authors.

You can buy It’s a Wonderful Life from Amazon and is available to buy from good bookshops.

No Turning Book Tour – Extract

No Turning BackToday on the book tour for Tracey Buchanan’s latest book, ‘No Turnning Back’, sit back and enjoy the prologue from the gripping story.

The First One

I shift my legs so I can peer up at the light. It sends shivers of pain along the tendons in my neck, down my calves and along my shoulder. But it’s worth it, a brief respite from the darkness.

The light is like nectar: soft yellow, swirling with dust particles. I open my mouth, imagine drinking it, almost feel it slipping down my parched throat and filling me with a luminosity that might heal my bruises.

There’s a faint glow of light and a shadow moves above. I think about the moment I crossed paths with him.

Oh God, is this really happening? I shake my head to somehow control my thoughts and my cheek scrapes against the brick, skin tearing, pain burning.

The sound of my voice echoes up the narrow space, bouncing off the walls then back again, seeming to wrap tight around me, stifling me.

Then there. The shadow again. A slight pause.

He’s standing above, his dark form blocking some of the glow.

My heart pounds, a bird trying to flutter its way out of a cage. I’m breathing fast and heavy, my bare shoulders scraping the brick with each movement.

But I keep looking up, not caring about the pain. He hunches down, his pale fingers curling around the wooden slats above me. I hear his breath, deep and low.

My own breath quickens in response, rasping, heart flapping flapping flapping.

Then he lies on his belly to look through the slats. I crunch against the wall, curl myself inwards, my fringe falling over my forehead.

One eye, blue and heavily lashed, blinks down at me.

‘I can see you!’ he says, voice echoing towards me. Panic flutters inside. ‘Can you hear me?’ he asks.

I clamp my hand over my mouth.

‘Please,’ he says again, voice weaker with each word he utters. ‘I’m hurt, it’s really bad. Please help me.’

I quickly shove my hand down the slim gap at my side, fumbling for the door handle. The door clicks, air rushing in and I stride out, his cries echoing after me as I lock the door then double check it.

I have to be careful, the boy might find a way to get down here, even escape.

And that just won’t do, it won’t do at all.

You can buy No Turning Back from Amazon and is available to buy from good bookshops.