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Paige Toon Reveals New Book Called Five Years From Now

Five Years From NowWonderful news, as Paige Toon has revealed her new book called ‘Five Years From Now’

What the back cover says –

What happens if you meet the RIGHT person at the WRONG time?

Nell and Van meet as children when their parents fall in love, but soon they are forced worlds apart.

Five years later, they find each other. Their bond is rekindled and new feelings take hold, but once again they have to separate.

For the next two decades, fate brings Nell and Van together every five years, as life and circumstance continue to divide them. Will they ever find true happiness? And will it be together?

‘One day, maybe five years from now, you’ll look back and understand why this happened…’

Can’t wait to read this one!

You can pre-order Five Years From Now from Amazon and will be available to buy from good bookshops from 17th May 2018.

Milly Johnson Reveals New Book – The Perfectly Imperfect Woman

The Perfectly Imperfect WomanOne of my favourite authors Milly Johnson is back with a new boo, wonderfully called ‘The Perfectly Imperfect Woman’.

What the back cover says:

Marnie Salt has made so many mistakes in her life that she fears she will never get on the right track. But when she ‘meets’ an old lady on a baking chatroom and begins confiding in her, little does she know how her life will change.

Arranging to see each other for lunch, Marnie finds discovers that Lilian is every bit as mad and delightful as she’d hoped – and that she owns a whole village in the Yorkshire Dales, which has been passed down through generations. And when Marnie needs a refuge after a crisis, she ups sticks and heads for Wychwell – a temporary measure, so she thinks.

But soon Marnie finds that Wychwell has claimed her as its own and she is duty bound not to leave. Even if what she has to do makes her as unpopular as a force 12 gale in a confetti factory! But everyone has imperfections, as Marnie comes to realise, and that is not such a bad thing – after all, your flaws are perfect for the heart that is meant to love you.

‘The Perfectly Imperfect Woman’ is the heart-warming and hilarious new novel from our queen of feel-good fiction – a novel of family, secrets, love and redemption … and broken hearts mended and made all the stronger for it.

You can pre-order The Perfectly Imperfect Woman from Amazon and will be available to buy from good bookshops from 22nd February 2018.

Practice Makes Perfect Book Tour – Cotswolds Quirks

Penny ParksOn the book tour for Penny Parks’ new book, ‘Practice Makes Perfect’, Penny talks about the quirks of living in the Cotswolds.

There must be something in the water…

I’m often asked what I love about living in the Cotswolds and, in truth, there are so many different answers to that question – the wonderful sense of community in our village, the honey coloured stone, the rolling fields and countryside… well, you catch my drift. But one of the notable quirks of Cotswold life is our particular penchant for a bonkers event.

If you happen to visit the Cotswolds, for example, on a Bank Holiday in May, you will find grown men and athletes hurtling down a virtually-vertical hillside near Gloucester in pursuit of a rolling cheese – yes, you did read that correctly. A nine-pound Double Gloucester Cheese to be precise.

Cotswolds Park

And on that self-same day, you would see the streets of Tetbury decked out for a country fair, as men and women alike attempt an undulating and challenging course, whilst carrying a fully laden wool sack on their shoulders.

TetburyNeither one for the faint hearted!

If you like your madness a little more genteel, then of course you could opt for the Boxing Day Bibury Duck Race – try saying that after a festive tipple or two! – where thousands of people turn out to watch a flotilla of sponsored yellow ducks race their way along the River Coln.


Practice Makes PerfectOr pop into Bourton-on-the-Water for a quick game of football in the river – splashing about on August Bank Holiday in an attempt to best the opposing team.

So whatever your inclination, there is almost certainly a Cotswold tradition that might float your boat – or indeed your duck. And it is this spirit of gung-ho adventure and individuality that makes the Cotswolds such a wonderful place to be.

And since my fictional town of Larkford is set in the Cotswolds, it is my very great pleasure to bring a little of this hearty hedonism to the page, where of course we can be assured that Dan and Taffy will make the very most of it.

You can buy Practice Makes Perfect from Amazon and is available to buy from good bookshops.

Images from Loving The Cotswolds

Book News – You, Me, Everything By Catherine Isaac

You, Me, EverythingCatherine Isaac has revealed the cover to her debut novel called ‘You, Me, Everything’ which excitedly is being adapted for film, even though it won’t be out until 2018.

But for people not in the know, Catherine Isaac is actually Jane Costello, who already has nine books under her belt.

What the back cover says:

Sick of her boyfriend Adam’s lying and cheating, Laura throws him out only months after giving birth to their son. While she brings up William with the help of her mum, Susan, Adam moves to France to follow his dreams.

But ten years on, Susan is battling a debilitating disease, aged just 53, and she convinces her daughter that William needs his father in his life. So, in their first trip abroad in years, Laura and ten-year-old William set off to spend the summer at Chateau de Roussignol, in the sunlit hills of the Dordogne, where Adam now lives.

Laura is determined is to make Adam fall in love with his own son. But the problem isn’t only that he’s an unwilling participant in this game. It’s that Laura is tormented by a secret of her own, one that nobody – especially William – must discover.

With a beautiful cover and a heartbreaking synopsis, ‘You, Me, Everything’ sounds like a stunning story.

You can pre-order You Me Everything from Amazon and will be available to buy from good bookshops from 20th September 2018.

The One We Fell In Love With By Paige Toon

The One We Fell In Love With’The One We Fell In Love With’ is Paige Toon’s new book.

Phoebe is caught between a rock and a hard place. Settle down and get married, or return to the French Alps to pursue her passion? Eliza is in love with someone who is no longer hers. In fact, he probably never was… And her dream of becoming a successful musician seems to be spiralling down the drain. Rose is out of a job and out of a boyfriend. To make matters worse, she’s been forced to move back in with her mother. But these very different girls have one thing in common. Angus. The one they fell in love with.

Paige Toon is back with another beautiful story that broke my heart and had me reaching for the tissues.

Like her previous books, ‘The One We Fell In Love With’ is a unique and captivating tale about love, friendship, identical triplets and the one they all fell with.

When Angus moves in next door to triplets, Phoebe, Rose and Eliza, each one of the sisters falls in love with him. But Phoebe saw him first, so she claims her rights to him much to see sisters disappointment and so follows years of fun, heartache and secret love.

The story is seen through the perspective of the sisters and each chapter has an individual slant to it, so we can see each personality of the girls. Phoebe is the forward one of the trio, adventurous with a bubbly spirit, she catches Angus’ eye with her love of the great outdoors, Rose is the mother hen, a gentle and caring nature, but who occasionally is a bit jealous of her sisters, whilst Eliza, is the artistic one with her sweet voice and her fiery, loner attitude.

Written over a period of time, the story follows the sisters through relationships and dramas and there are plenty of twists and shocks along the way, that had me gripped from the story.

With an absolutely stunning cover, this book is sweetly written with addictive characters, snappy dialogue and poignant moments. ‘The One We Fell In Love With’ is definitely one of my favourite books of 2016, charming and filled with romance, this book is the reason why Paige Toon is one of my favourite authors, her books are the perfect escapism from boring life.

You can pre-order The One We Fell in Love With from Amazon and will be available to buy from good bookshops from 19th May 2016.