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The Darkest Lullaby By Jonathan Janz

The Darkest Lullaby‘The Darkest Lullaby’ is the latest book by Jonathan Janz.

The old house waited. For years there had been rumors that the owner, Lilith Martin, had been part of an unholy cult. People spoke of blasphemous rituals, black rites filled with blood, sex…and sacrifices. Then Lilith died and the house sat empty. Until now. Lilith s nephew, Chris, and his wife, Ellie, are moving in. Ellie isn t happy about living in such a dark, foreboding place, but she wants to get pregnant and this house has a lot more room to raise a baby than their apartment. Unfortunately, she and Chris will soon learn that Lilith has other plans.

It’s been a while since I’ve read a really good horror that really terrifies me and it’s fair to say that ‘The Darkest Lullaby’ hit the spot. It’s unsettling narrative and creepy location brought me right back to my teenage years reading the chilling ‘Goosebumps’ series when I couldn’t have the book in the same room as me when I went to bed in case the characters somehow managed to come to life. Yes, it’s really that creepy.

The book is seen from the perspective of couple Chris and Ellie who move to Chris’ old homestead hoping to start a family and recover from old debts, but it’s not that easy.

The old house is creepy and riddled with reminders of Chris’s aunt who never liked Ellie and there’s a presence that they’re not alone in the building. Meanwhile, there’s the woman and man that appears to the couple, freaking them out as well as the rumours of there once being a cult on the land.

The story is reminiscent of ‘The Shining’ and ‘The Wicker Man’, with the cult rumours and the character development as the story progresses. Cleverly written and unsettling throughout, ‘The Darkest Lullaby’ is a wonderfully old fashioned horror story with fills with wit and gore and terrifies the reader to the core.

You can buy ‘The Darkest Lullaby’ from Amazon.