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Lindsey Kelk Reveals New Book – I Heart Hawaii

I Heart HawaiiSad times for fans of Lindsey Kelk’s ‘I Heart’ series, as she has revealed the name and cover for the eighth and final book in the series called ‘I Heart Hawaii’.

What the back cover says –

When Angela Clark’s best friend Jenny invites her to join a press trip to Hawaii, three days of sun, sea and sleep sounds like the perfect antidote to her crazed life.

At work in New York, she’s supposed to be the face of Having It All. But the only thing Angela feels she excels at is hiding in the printer cupboard, eating Mini Cheddars and watching Netflix on her phone and if this is living the dream, she’s more than ready to wake up.

A few days away with Jenny sounds like exactly what she needs but Angela’s talent for getting into a scrape guarantees nothing goes to plan – and not even the most beautiful beaches, blue skies and daiquiris will get her off the hook…

Sounds like a perfect Summer read and definitely sounds like Angela is going out with a bang!

You can pre-order ‘I Heart Hawaii’ from Amazon and will be available to buy from good bookshops from May 30th 2019.

Keep Her Close Book Tour – Extract

Keep Her Close ‘Keep Her Close’ is the latest book by MJ Ford. On the book for MJ Ford’s new book called ‘Keep Her Close’, sit back and enjoy an extract from the thrilling tale.

Oriel College was nestled in the cobbled streets between the High Street and Christ Church College. Not Jo’s natural milieu by any means, though she couldn’t help but admire the gothic architecture of the entranceway, and the resplendent, perfectly mown quadrangle of grass inside, still coated on the shaded side with the silvery remains of a lingering frost. A sign read ‘Open to visitors’ – term had ended a week or so before, so the majority of students would have left. The city itself was noticeably quieter, enjoying a brief lull before the panic of Christmas shopping really set in.

PC Andrea Williams was waiting just to one side of the quad. As ever, the constable’s height made Jo give her a second glance. She was at least six-two, possibly the tallest woman Jo had ever met in the flesh, and her dreadlocks gave her the appearance of being a couple of inches taller still. Dimitriou called her Andre the Giant, which only he found funny, and which had earned him a verbal warning when Stratton heard him say it. Dimitriou protested that Heidi had once called him George Michael’s less talented, uglier sibling, on the basis of their shared Greek heritage, and the fact that he had murdered a rendition of ‘Club Tropicana’ on a work karaoke night.

‘And I dare you to say it to Andrea’s face,’ Heidi had added. Jo would have liked to see that, because she knew that Williams had been an accomplished judoka before joining the force, only missing out on the national team through injury. She could probably have tossed Dimitriou’s gangly frame from one side of a holding cell to the other.

I’ve just finished the book and really enjoyed the gripping story, check my review here.

You can buy ‘Keep Her Close’ from Amazon and is available to buy from good bookshops.

The Age Of Adventure Book Tour – Extract

The Age Of AdventureOn the book tour for Judy Leigh’s new book called ‘The Age Of Adventure’, sit back and tuck into an extract from the seaside story.

I sat with Nanny Basham in a corner while she’d cradled a bottle of brandy and sobbed, telling me about Dad and Mum and Wilf, the good times I’d heard about a hundred times before. Terry grumbled afterwards that he’d never had respect for Adie. That was something we agreed on. Adie Carrick was only out for himself. Bonnie was just a trophy, his in-laws just an opportunity to show how magnanimous he was.

Demi went to a private school, where she was demure in a grey blazer and tartan skirt. Jade was popular at the local comprehensive; it was a good school and she was sporty and bright, but Adie insisted on making comparisons. ‘You get what you pay for in this life.’

I always replied, ‘I’m not having my child at school with kids whose parents are politicians and gangsters.’

I’ll never forget how he looked at me. Eyes like bullets. Then Terry moved out. We’d been arguing a lot. I’d been doing the arguing; Terry retreated into himself: he met Rabbity Alison and the rest is history. I became Georgie Turner again, not Georgie Wood. After Terry left me, Adie squeezed my arm one day when I was making coffee in Bonnie’s kitchen, his lips against my ear. ‘If you need any money, Georgie, just say. We’re family, and family sticks.’ But I walked away, stared through the window at the patio and the swimming pool complex, and promised myself I’d manage just fine without his charity.

Meanwhile, Bonnie stayed in the background smiling sadly; years passed and she became quieter, more timid. Then she found lipstick on his collar, not her shade, and suggestive messages on his phone. A year later, there was a lacy G-string in his car. He claimed he knew nothing about it, then he suddenly remembered he’d lent the car to a friend the night before. I’d have left Adie for that, but Bonnie swore it was a one-time incident, she’d been neglecting him, it’d never happen again: he loved her.

Of course, Adie simpered, playing the part of the trustworthy brother-in-law; he told me that now I was by myself, now my man had left me, he’d keep an eye out for me, or lend me money. As he turned away, I pointed down my throat with two fingers and thought I’d rather roll naked in the gutter. I’m not afraid of Adie Carrick. I’ve never liked him or the way he treats my good-natured sister. I have suspicions about the property he buys and sells, and the money he makes, which seems to slide through his fingers like poker chips.

You can buy ‘The Age Of Adventure’ from Amazon and is available to buy from good bookshops.

Keep Her Close By MJ Ford

Keep Her Close ‘Keep Her Close’ is the latest book by MJ Ford.

When a young woman goes missing from Jesus College, Oxford, DS Josie Masters is plunged into a world of panic as fear grips the city. Along with Thames Valley Police’s newest recruit, the handsome DS Pryce, Josie must act fast – and when two more students disappear from Oriel and Somerville colleges, she realises the killer is sending her a deadly message in a cruel game of cat and mouse. This time, the case is personal – but who is the perpetrator? In a desperate race against the clock, Josie hunts for the kidnapper, and soon discovers he could be a lot closer to home than she’d ever thought/

‘Keep Her Close’ is MJ Ford’s second book and it’s an exciting thriller that really pulls the reader in.

The story is seen solely from the perspective of DS Josie Masters, as she is still reeling from the death of her police partner and the case that put her own life in jeopardy. Now in her latest case, it’s a race against time as young girls go missing and a body turns up and Josie is led on a while goose chase trying to catch the kidnapper before even more girls are taken.

I really enjoyed this story and found myself settling into it from the very first page. The story is the second book in the series about DS Josie Masters and it flows seamlessly from one book to the next, making it easy for reader to understand the background of Josie’s situations. That’s a bit of a bugbear of mine when you read a book in a series and there’s no background information to the characters or the situation and you’re lost, whereas MJ Ford gives just enough detail for the reader to be informed of Josie’s history.

I really like MJ’s writing, it’s fast paced, edgy and weaved with suspense, as Josie and her partners race against time to solve crimes before more are committed. Each moment that Josie is close to finding the girls, another problem is out in place for her to overcome. I really like Josie, she’s a strong willed and determined woman that won’t let others stand in her way, particularly her male colleagues.

Cleverly written and riddled with tension throughout, ‘Keep Her Close’ is a suspenseful tale of twists and turns that will grip the reader throughout.

You can buy ‘Keep Her Close’ from Amazon and is available to buy from good bookshops.

Claire Allan Reveals New Book – Forget Me Not

Forget Me Not‘Claire Allan has revealed her second book for 2019 called ‘Forget Me Not’

What the back cover says –

I disappeared on a Tuesday afternoon. I was there one minute and the next I was gone. They’ve never found my body…

It’s six in the morning during the hottest summer on record when Elizabeth O’Loughlin, out walking her dog, comes across Clare, a victim of a horrific knife attack, clinging onto life at the side of the road.

Clare dies minutes later, but not before whispering her haunting last words to Elizabeth.

When it becomes clear that Clare’s killer has more than one murder on his mind, Elizabeth has to take drastic action or face losing everything.

But what if she can’t stop a killer determined never to be forgotten?

Sounds like another chilling story from the Northern Ireland author.

You can pre-order ‘Forget Me Not’ from Amazon and will be available to buy from good bookshops from May 30th 2019