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I Heart Forever Book Tour – Extract

I Heart ForeverI’m delighted to be kicking off the book tour for Lindsey Kelk’s amazing new book, ‘I Heart Forever’. I read it and loved it and you will too!

To give you a taster of what Angela has in store for you in the latest book, here’s a short extract to wet your appetite. Enjoy!

‘There’s still time for you to change your mind, you know,’ Alex said, nursing his beer. ‘This time tomorrow we could be on a river beach in Laos. This time next week, we could be checking out temples in Myanmar, next month dancing at a full moon party in Thailand.’

‘You know that I would if I could,’ I whispered, staring at his perfect features. His full lips, his sharp cheekbones, his shiny black hair that had obviously seen shampoo in the last forty-eight hours. ‘You know I’d love it more than anything, but asking for two months off at work would basically be the same as handing in my notice.’

It was a complete and utter lie. Two months of nothing but Alex Reid, all to myself? Yes, please. Two months of living out of a backpack in dirty clothes, without telly or online food delivery? I just couldn’t see it. The closest I’d ever come to roughing it was an abbreviated weekend at Reading Festival when I was seventeen and even that ended with my dad picking me up on the Saturday afternoon after I’d caved and tried to use the toilets. I hadn’t seen the inside of a tent since.

‘You could just quit,’ Alex stage-whispered into my hair, one arm snaking around my waist. ‘You could just leave.’

‘I really wish I hated my job,’ I replied, sliding my hand along his cheek. ‘And having a home. And food. And things.’

‘You do love things,’ Alex agreed with a theatrical sigh. He squeezed my hand in his and my engagement and wedding rings pressed sharply against their neighbouring fingers. ‘And I guess someone has to hold down a steady job.
Looks like I’m stuck with Graham.’

Just because I would rather perform laser hair removal on myself than spend two months living out of a backpack did not mean I was fully OK with his going on this trip without me. Sure, I could play the supportive wife for a while but I’d seen Eat Pray Love, I knew what happened on these adventures.

‘You’ll barely notice I’m gone,’ he said, picking up a piece of tuna pizza and sniffing it with great suspicion before taking the tiniest of bites. He looked to be struggling far too much for a man who was about to spend several weeks subsisting on flash-fried insects, but whatever, all the more for me.

‘You’re going to be so busy with work and I know Lopez isn’t going to leave you alone for more than two minutes while I’m away. And I’m gonna call you all the time.’

‘You don’t need to convince me,’ I promised and the butterflies fluttered back into life as he ran a finger along my jawline, brushing against my bottom lip.

‘I’m glad you’re doing this. You’ve wanted to go forever, I know.’

‘It kind of feels like now or never,’ he agreed.

‘I’m glad you’re going,’ I said, forcing certainty into my words. ‘It’s just, you’ve never been away for so long before. I’m going to miss you, that’s all.’

‘I’m going to miss you too,’ he said. Alex grabbed hold of both sides of my chair and turned it around to face him. ‘I’m going to miss you every minute of every day.’

‘That’s clearly an exaggeration,’ I replied as my heart began to beat just a little bit faster. His hands were still holding on to the seat of my chair and he leaned in towards me. He pushed my hair out of the way and pulled gently at the neck of my jumper, kissing my shoulder, my collarbone, my throat. ‘You won’t miss me while you’re asleep.’

‘I will,’ he protested, whispering right into my ear. I shivered all the way down to my toes. ‘I’ll dream about you every night.’

‘Well, that’s just ridiculous,’ I said, gasping as he pulled me out of my seat and into his lap. ‘You can’t control your dreams. You dream about whatever’s in your subconscious.’

‘Then let’s give my subconscious something to remember,’ he said, taking off my jumper and tossing it onto the settee. ‘We’ve got twelve hours.’

‘I’ve never been one to turn down a challenge,’ I replied as I yanked his T-shirt over his head and ran my hands down his tight, taut back. ‘You’d better set an alarm.’

Closing my eyes, I tried to concentrate on being right where I was. What good would it do to worry about what might happen?

Alex would go, Alex would come back, and it would be fine. Everything was exactly how it should be, exactly at that moment.

Now, all I had to do was keep every single thing in my life exactly the same, forever.

How hard could that be?

Sounds good, doesn’t it? And it is! You can read my review of ‘I Heart Forever’ here.

You can pre-order I Heart Forever from Amazon and will be available to buy from good bookshops from 7th September 2017.

Book News – I Heart Forever By Lindsey Kelk

I Heart ForeverI’m delighted to see that Lindsey Kelk is back with a new book this year called ‘I Heart Forever’ which is the seventh book in her ‘I Heart’ series.

What the back cover says:

A winter wedding in Manhattan…and someone’s keeping a secret.

The day her husband Alex picks up a backpack and goes travelling, Angela Clark promises to stay out of trouble and keep both Louboutins on the ground.

So when her best friend’s boyfriend confides in her, it can’t hurt to help him pick out a ring at Tiffany’s surely?

And when her fashion magazine announces major changes, being terminally late and winking at your new boss in the lift isn’t that bad, is it?

Then suddenly there’s another big secret Angela’s got to keep – and the man she loves is still thousands of miles away. As the wedding of the year looms, and Manhattan switches on its Christmas lights, Angela is going to need her friends by her side as her old life looks set to change forever.

Guaranteed to be filled with laughter and sass, ‘I Heart Forever’ is definately another book to look forward to in 2017.

You can pre-order I Heart Forever from Amazon and will be available to buy from good bookshops from 7th September 2017.

Lindsey Kelk Reveals New Book – A Girl’s Best Friend

A Girl's Best FriendLindsey Kelk is returning with a new book this Autumn and it’s the latest instalment from Tess’s adventures called ‘A Girl’s Best Friend’.

The story of ‘A Girl’s Best Friend’ ia –

Is it diamonds – or is it Amy?

First Tess was a girl with a plan.

Then she was a girl with a dream.

Now she’s a girl who’s come back to earth with a bump.

When the opportunity arises to join her best friend, Amy, in New York for Christmas, Tess jumps at the chance. The only fly in ointment is that Nick, the man who broke her heart, lives there. And Charlie, the man she turned down, has just started talking to her again. And she has just four days to take a photo for a competition that could save her career.

But aside from that, everything is going to be great: it’ll be the best Christmas ever. Won’t it?

I”m loving the cosy cover to this book!

You can pre-order A Girl’s Best Friend from Amazon and will be available to buy from good bookshops from 5th November 2015.

I Heart Christmas By Lindsey Kelk

I Heart Christmas‘I Heart Christmas’ is the latest book in Lindsey Kelk’s successful ‘I Heart’ series.

Angela Clarke is planning her own perfect Christmas but the path of Christmas never ran smooth. So when her best friend Jenny suddenly decides she wants a baby and her husband Alex starts making his own noises about growing up and settling down, things start to look complicated. And, with friends and family turning up unexpectedly and a sudden promotion at work. Angela finds herself with a little more on her plate than she can cope with.

‘I Heart Christmas’ is the beginning of a new series for me and even though some people recommended that I should read the series first, I thought the author was quite considerate and gave backgrounds and history of the characters from the first kiss to the first psychotic episode, so at no point in the story did I feel lost.

The story is seen from the perspective of fun loving Angela, our heroine of the series as she settles in for a perfect Christmas with her handsome husband Alex. But it seems that life never runs smoothly for our lead character and she finds herself faced with some surprising situations.

I loved this story, I thought it was deliciously fun and in particular thought that Angela was a fabulous lead. I thought she was wonderfully outgoing, blunt and straight to the point and had a life that I sort of envied. Working in a successful magazine, living the high life in New York with mad as a hat best friend Jenny, it’s seems that there is never a quiet moment in the young woman’s life, but occasionally there is some downtime with her husband Alex. But also, on the flip side, I did feel that I could relate to Angela, as like her I have come to an age where people do ask me about children and you do feel a bit of pressure of figuring out when the time is right for such important decisions.

One thing that did catch me off guard, was that Angela’s husband was called Alex Reid and even though Lindsey did offer a wonderfully vivid description of the handsome man, I did regularly find myself imagining Angela married to Jordan’s ex-husband.

With a cast of heartwarming deliciously fun characters, crazy and romantic scenarios, that all make for wonderfully entertaining and captivating reading, ‘I Heart Christmas’ is a witty and sparkling story, that definitely reeks of Christmas cheer.

You can buy I Heart Christmas from Amazon and is available to buy from other good bookshops.

About A Girl By Lindsey Kelk

About A Girl‘About A Girl’ is the first book in Lindsey Kelk’s new series.

Tess Brooke’s has always been a Girl with a Plan. But when her carefully constructed Plan goes belly up, she’s forced to reconsider. After accidentally answering her flatmate Vanessa’s phone, she decides that since being Tess isn’t going so well, why shouldn’t she try out being Vanessa? With nothing left to lose, she accepts Vanessa’s photography assignment to Hawaii – she used to be an amateur photographer, how hard can it be? Right? But soon Tess is in big trouble – she isn’t a photographer, she isn’t Vanessa and the gorgeous journalist on the shoot with her, who is making it very clear that he’d like to get into her pants, is an egotistical monster. Far from home and in someone else’s shoes, Tess must decide whether to fight on through or confess and run.

This will be a big shock to female fiction fans, but I have never read any of Lindsey Kelk’s books before. I know that she already has a successful book series and it is definitely a series of books that I will look into at a later date when I manage to gain some control over my own TBR pile. But, I must say that I was pleasantly surprised by how much I enjoyed ‘About A Girl’, which was a wonderfully uplifting story of friendship, love, cocktails and trying to find your place in the big wide world.

The story starts in the present day as our protagonist of the story, the lovely, bubbly, low in confidence but terribly creative Tess takes centre stage and all the drama of the last two weeks unfolds and Tess finds herself in an unfortunate situation that leaves her jobless, friendless and suddenly on a plane to Hawaii pretending to be Vanessa, her slightly nutty and bitchy flatmate and on her way to a major fashion shoot as a photographer.

It is fair to say that not everything goes to plan, but in between hilarious drunken antics, karaoke, a gloriously hunky journalist and a wise old man, we join Tess as she tries to figure out what her plans are in life and more importantly discovers her true self. Cleverly written with an riveting plot that had me giggling throughout, the story is filled with an wonderful array of outrageous characters from the lovely Tess, to her best friend Amy, a fiery and outspoken pixie who has quite a colourful dialect and the stereotypical catty gay gentleman Kekipi who has an eye for style and was always close by when Tess needed a shoulder or to have a gossip with and not mentioning all good looking men that seemed to have caught Tess’s eye, her best friend Charlie who she has been in love for the last few years and the delicious Nick, smug, arrogant and completely irresistible.

‘About A Girl’ is a beautifully vibrant story that is most definitely the ideal escapism story, if you haven’t booked a holiday, simply read this book. Set in the simply divine Hawaii, packed with beautifully and picturesque settings and scenes that will give you a glow and excitedly left open for a sequel, this is definitely a new series I will be looking into!

You can buy About a Girl on Amazon and is avaialble to buy from good bookshops.