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Wrong Way Home By Isabelle Grey

Wrong Way Home‘Wrong Way Home’ is the latest book by Isabelle Grey.

The same night a local hero saved two people from the burning Marineland resort in Southend, a young woman was raped and murdered minutes from the scene of the fire, the culmination of a series of brutal rapes in the town. The killer was never found. Twenty-five years on, new DNA techniques have blown the cold case open. DI Grace Fisher relishes the prospect of finally catching the culprit, but when the evidence doesn’t point to one clear suspect, she must reconstruct the original investigation. Any suggestion that the Essex force was less than thorough at the time could alienate her colleagues and destroy her chances of reaching the truth. Grace finds her investigation shadowed by a young true-crime podcaster backed by veteran crime reporter Ivo Sweatman. As pressure mounts she cannot afford to be distracted. She knows that a cold-blooded killer is slowly being backed into a corner, and a cornered predator is often the most dangerous of all..

‘Wrong Way Home’ is the latest book in Isabelle Grey DI Grace Fisher series and like her previous novels, it’s dark and intense story where everyone is a suspect.

There are two parts to this story, the book investigation of the crime that was committed 25 years ago and the current crime and both crimes make for fascinating reading as Grace and colleagues try to connect the dots and piece together the culprit of the crimes. The story is cleverly written with many twists and turns and unsavoury characters, that I did find myself regularly suspecting people only to be disappointed when I was wrong, making ‘Wrong Way Home’ a far from predictable read.

There is also the inclusion of the narrative from the aspiring journalist called Freddie Craig and in keeping with current trends, has set up his own podcast about the 25 year old crime of a young woman’s brutal murder that he’s determined to solve as her death took place on his death and he feels a deep connection with the woman and the unsolved crime.

The story is a bleak one, unsolved crimes, a house fire and disappearance of young women, there’s nothing lighthearted in the story and with a strong female lead such as Grace, it made for compelling reading. I really liked Grace, in a predominantly male environment, she’s a strong woman who’s determined to bring the murderer of a young woman and will not let anything stand in her way.

The story is shrewdly written that really keeps the reader on their toes, filled with drama, lies and deceit, ‘Wrong Way Home’ is a dark and chilling story that makes for unsettling reading.

You can pre-order Wrong Way Home from Amazon and will be available to buy from good bookshops from 17th May 2018.

The Special Girls By Isabelle Grey

The Special Girls‘The Special Girls’ is the third book in the D.I. Grace Fisher series.

A doctor is found beaten to death in woods close to a summer camp for young women with eating disorders. The camp is run by the charismatic Professor Chesham. DI Grace Fisher is called in, but is quickly pulled from the investigation – to head up a cold case inquiry involving Chesham himself. Some years earlier, one of Chesham’s patients made allegations that he sexually assaulted her. As Grace uncovers the lies that led to the doctor’s murder, she discovers the full extent of the damage done to the special girls – and the danger they are still in. D.I. Grace Fisher is back with another thrilling and unique case to investigate where everyone is a suspect and no one can be trusted.

In this gripping tale, Grace has been called in to investigate a murder case when a psychotherapist is found mysteriously dead in the woods whilst out on an expedition with his patients. Whilst investigating this case, Grace ends up delving into an unsolved case of sexual abuse from over twenty years ago where allegations where made but where not followed up.

The story follows from the perspective of DI Grace Fisher, her journalist friend Ivo and a man called Clive, who suspects that is teenage daughter was the victim of sexual assault. As Grace Fisher investigates the murder, she finds out that all the girls who were at expedition, are all sufferers of eating disorders and this adventure is way of helping them deal with it. The adventure is organised by Professor Ned’s Chesham’s, a highly respected academic who has helped many girls with eating disorders and is just about to receive a knighthood for all his hard work, but it seems that Ned isn’t quite the hero that he’s made out to be when allegations of sexual abuse are made against him.

I really enjoyed this story, Isabelle has written a cleverly weaved and gripping tale that really engages the audiences attention and the different perspectives make for insightful reading. There’s the police perspective as Grace looks into the current and old cases piecing together clues and information that were overlooked many years ago, there’s also the human interest angle as she tackles the sensitive nature of child abuse, whilst Ivo is Grace’s useful source of information, helping to uncover stories and find people that may not want to be found. Finally, there’s Clive, a heartbroken father, who’s at his wits end as he fears that his troubled daughter was the victim of sexual abuse and that’s why she is so angry. It’s quite heartbreaking to read Clive’s parts in the story, as he feels that he failed his daughter and was unable to protect her.

A dark and troubled tale that deals with many issues that makes for chilling reading, ‘The Special Girls’ is an uncomfortably realistic and compassionate story that was impossible to put down.

You can buy The Special Girls from Amazon and is available to buy from good bookshops.

Shot Through The Heart By Isabelle Grey

Shot Through The Heart‘Shot Through The Heart’ is the latest book by Isabelle Grey and is the second book in the DI Grace Fisher series.

When a lone shooter claims the lives of five people on Christmas Day before turning the gun on himself, it’s up to DI Grace Fisher to find out, not who did it, but why and how. Tracing the illegal weapon and its deadly load of homemade bullets, she soon uncovers a toxic web of police corruption, personal vendettas and revenge. But when the enemy is within, who will believe her? As threats to her safety mount up and the strain of secrecy begins to wreck her friendships, Grace must decide how far she wants to pursue justice – and at what cost.

The story starts at the moment on Christmas morning when a terrible tragedy occurs in a small village, when a lone gunman kills a number of people before turning the gun on himself. DI Grace Fisher is called in to lead the investigation and to find out what would make someone do such a terrible thing and as he delves further into the investigation and more victims are claimed, she uncovers secret and a society riddled with corruption.

This is the first book I’ve read by Isabelle and I found it to be a gripping and intriguing story as we joined Grace, trying to figure out the motives of the murders. The story is cleverly written in a style where everyone is a suspect, as secrets are exposed and people begin to reveal themselves.

The story is seen through the eyes of the three main characters of the story. DI Grace Fisher, Ivo Sweatman, a journalist covering the cases and who Grace has great confidence in and Robyn Ingold, a young girl who’s friend was tragically killed. Grace is an interesting character, as the book is part of a series, there was brief background into her past but I would have preferred a bit more. Working in a male dominated environment, she lacks respect from her peers even though she is an intelligent and strong woman. Robyn was my favourite character of the story, she’s naive about life and it’s only when her friend is tragically killed that she begins to realise how dangerous the world really is and as the story progresses, we see her begin to unravel and doubt everything close to her.

A thrillingly realistic and disturbing story about the harsh reality of corruption, that is obviously well researched,’Shot Through The Heart’ is an atmospheric and intense book that is packed with complex characters and clever plot twists that leaves the reader bursting for more.

You can buy Shot Through the Heart: DI Grace Fisher 2 from Amazon and is available to buy from good bookshops.