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Tammy Cohen Writers Tip

Tammy CohenStamina, without a doubt. You can have all the writing advice and classes you want but they’re worth nothing if you haven’t got the discipline and stamina to sit down and actually write day after day after day until finally you’ve got a book.

Alyson Noel Writers Tip

Alyson NoelAuthor of ‘Unrivalled’, Alyson Noel shares her writing tip. The best advice I can give any writer is to read—and read widely. Read different genres and learn from books you like and those you don’t because you can take something away from every one to develop your own style.

Cathy Kelly’s Writer Tips

Cathy KellyWrite often, every day if you can. Edit, edit and edit. Many writers write books but never go over them again. The first pages need to leap out at the reader. There’s no point saying your novel gets interesting in chapter four. The agent and publisher will have stopped reading by then. I have a section on advice on my website I would highly recommend Stephen King’s On Writing. Also, naturally, read all you can. Reading helps you to learn the craft of writing and while enjoying a truly enriching hobby at the same time.

Rosie Blake’s Writers Tips

Rosie BlakeRead, read, read. If you want to write commercial fiction I think you need to read, and love, it. Break down your favourite books. Ask why you loved certain characters, how did the author do it? Look at the structure, the amount of description and dialogue etc. You can definitely learn loads from reading other books.

Alice Peterson Writer’s Tips

Alice Peterson
Don’t be put off by people saying how tough the market is and how difficult everything is – someone has to be published so why not you. Don’t give up, have faith in yourself.
Alice Peterson