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My Top Writing Tips By Hélene Fermont

Hélene FermontToday on the book tour for Hélene Fermont latest Scandi crime novel, ‘We Never Said Goodbye’, Hélene shares her writing tips.

I write from the heart and always listen to my intuition.

My characters are what matter the most. I plan and research my novels meticulously but if something doesn’t feel right I start all over and don’t give up until it does.

I write where I know no one will disrupt me.
In London I work on my novels in my office between clients and meetings and in Malmö I often write in a small café overlooking the Öresund Bridge and Copenhagen. The view is simply spectacular and very inspiring.

We Never Said Goodbye

I never read other authors books while working on my own as it may distract me and I want to devote my attention to their novels when I’ve completed my own.

I don’t follow trends and write what I want and know works for me.

You can pre-order We Never Said Goodbye from Amazon and will be avaialble to buy from good bookshops from 6th April 2017.

B.A Paris Writers Tip

B.A. ParisAuthor of ‘The Breakdown’, B.A. Paris shares her writing tips for aspiring authors.

Write what you enjoy writing, not what is in fashion. At the moment, it’s psychological thrillers. If psychological thrillers aren’t your genre, don’t try to write one.

Ross Armstrong Writers Tip

Ross ArmstrongAuthor of ‘The Watcher’, Ross Armstrong shares his writing tips for aspiring authors.

Throw out the idea of writing a great line. Come up with a great structure. Test it over and over again. Chip away at it until it’s a perfect statue. Make sure it’s clear but surprising. Then write a clear and surprising first chapter. Re draft it a hundred times until it’s the most clear and surprising and enticing and true to you it can be.

Katerina Diamond’s Writers Tip

Katerina DiamondAuthor of ‘The Secret’, Katerina Diamond shares her writing tips for aspiring authors. Write all the time, for ten minutes or ten hours it doesn’t matter. Also read books on story structure and things like that, there are some excellent books out there and they can really help.

Tammy Cohen Writers Tip

Tammy CohenStamina, without a doubt. You can have all the writing advice and classes you want but they’re worth nothing if you haven’t got the discipline and stamina to sit down and actually write day after day after day until finally you’ve got a book.