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Liz Nugent Writers Tips

Liz NugentI’m wary of offering advice because every writer has a different approach and a different set of rules, but the one thing I would suggest is quite simply –to read. Read as much as you can in as many genres as you can. Read fact, fiction, history, biography, the classics, children’s etc. Eventually, you’ll find the one that appeals to you most.

Lisa Dickenson Writers Tips

Lisa DickensonDialogue. Dialogue makes the world go round, or at least a book come to life. I believe there should be lots of it and it should feel natural, so that’s what I’d recommend nailing.

Alyson Noel Writers Tip

Alyson NoelAuthor of ‘Unrivalled’, Alyson Noel shares her writing tip. The best advice I can give any writer is to read—and read widely. Read different genres and learn from books you like and those you don’t because you can take something away from every one to develop your own style.

Vanessa Ronan Writer’s Tips

Vanessa RonanAuthor of ‘The Last Days Of Summer’, Vanessa Ronan shares her writing tips with us. Write as often as you can. Stay true to your inner voice. Don’t be afraid to write your own way.

Fiona Gibson’s Writers Tip

“FionaIf your aim is to write light, humorous fiction, then it’s important that the process is as fun as you can make it. I think we can all pay too much attention to that inner critic – the voice in our head that keeps telling us, ‘This is awful. You’re wasting your time!’ In fact, a first draft is usually going to be pretty ropey with billions of faults, but the important thing is to keep on, and finish it, then go back and polish it up. Also, do bear in mind that commercial fiction does need to rollick along at quite a sprightly pace, so be ruthless at cutting and trimming back, as you edit. You want your reader to be pulled along with you, desperate to know what happens next.