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Now That I’ve Found You By Ciara Geraghty

'Now That I've Found You‘Now That I Found You’ is Ciara Geraghty’s latest book.

Forty-two-year-old Vinnie knows lots of things. He knows new books and school shoes are expensive. He knows his teenage daughter keeps getting into trouble and he knows his seven-year-old has wet the bed every night for over a year. What Vinnie doesn’t know is whether his wife is coming back, or if he will ever get better at single fatherhood. Ellen knows that what happened in the accident was all her fault. She knows she’s too scared to get behind the wheel of a car ever again and she knows that some scars are harder to hide than others. What Ellen doesn’t know is how to move on. And she doesn’t know anything about Vinnie, the taxi driver who drives her to physiotherapy every week. And neither of them knows they’re going to change the other’s life forever.

‘Now That I’ve Found You’, sees the welcome return of Irish author Ciara Geraghty. The story is about a couple who meet and are able to be there when things are hard and the sweet cover of the book empathises the poignancy of this Irish tale.

Vincent is a taxi driver who meets Ellen, he meets her weekly to bring her to her physiotherapy meetings. They have a professional relationship, where they don’t interact until one day Vincent has a panic attack and Ellen takes him to hospital. Appreciative of her help, Vincent thanks Ellen and their new friendship begins, both are lonely people with mutual problems in common, they find a companionship and an understanding in one another. The story is primarily seen through Vincent’s eyes, a single parent struggling with his teenage daughter who is rebelling against and his sweet little boy who is doing a countdown until his Holy Communion convinced that his mother, Paula will return after disappearing months ago.

The chapters with Ellen are comprised of letters that she writes to her husband Neil, we don’t know where he has gone in the story but under her doctors advice, she tells Neil her thoughts and tries to move on with life.

The story is about mental health, the issues of bipolar disorder and how it can go undiagnosed and the controversy that surrounds the illness. I loved the main characters, both quiet and troubled, I thought they complimented each other perfectly. Vincent is a gentleman, strong and silent, he works hard at being both father and mother and finds it difficult to accept that his little girl is growing up and this results in many arguments over the course of the story. Ellen spends most of her time alone, quiet and with her thoughts, she reminisces on the past and with her new friendship Vincent, we see her come alive and acquire a new passion in life.

As the story is quite a sweet but sad one, Ciara was included some gentle Irish humour into the tale with Vincent’s best friend and work colleague, Kenny, a trendy man with an eye for fashion and the ladies. There’s an genuine friendship between the two men as Kenny was aways there for him particularly after Paula disappeared. Vincent’s mother is also quite the character, always on the go and helping out at local charity events, she refuses to let her age slow her down and is a huge support for Vincent and his children.

A beautifully written story from the start, ‘Now That I’ve Found You’ is a heartwarming story of friendship and starting over. Filled with humour, love, fun characters and a dash of romance, I couldn’t put it down.

You can buy Now That I’ve Found You from Amazon and is available to buy from good bookshops.

Lifesaving For Beginners Winner Revealed

Lifesaving for Beginners

Congratulations to Emma Crowley, who is the lucky winner of my Ciara Geraghty giveaway. A copy of Ciara’s latest book “Lifesaving For Beginners” is on its way to her.

A huge thank you to everyone who entered the giveaway, and don’t worry if you didn’t win this time because I have loads more competitions lined up!

Lifesaving For Beginners Giveaway

Lifesaving for Beginners

I am so excited to reveal that I have another giveaway for Handwritten Girl! This time I am giving away a copy of Ciara Geraghty’s new book “Lifesaving for Beginners”. I read this book recently and I loved it!

To be in with a chance of this delicious book, simply answer the following question.

What is the name of the young boy in Lifesaving for Beginners?

To be in with an chance of winning, reply below with your answer by Monday 19th November and I shall pick a name at random.

If you would like a reason to enter the give-away, read my review of the lovely book and then drop me a line.

Good luck everyone!

Lifesaving For Beginners by Ciara Geraghty

Lifesaving for Beginners

“Lifesaving For Beginners” is the fourth book by Irish author, Ciara Geraghty.

Kat Kavanagh lives in Dublin. She thinks she is love with Thomas but can’t bring herself to tell him her dark secret from her past. Kat has a few secrets, like her job as one of the most successful crime writers in the world.

Milo McIntyre lives in Brighton with his mam and older sister, Faith. He does lifesaving classes and loves hanging out his mam’s cafe the Funky Banana with his best friend Damo. But then one day Milo’s world comes crashing down on him as he and Faith uncover a secret that will take them on an adventure, to Dublin and right to Kat’s front door.

“Lifesaving For Beginners” was such an enchanting book that I couldn’t put it down.

Written as a dual narrative from the leading characters Kat and Milo, it was fascinating to see the perspectives from two completely different people. Kat is 39 years of age, who has become accustomed to being her own best friend and enemy. Whilst verging slightly on the reclusive side, not wanting anyone to get too close to her, apart from a select few including her best friend Minnie Driver and her Down Syndrome brother, Ed. I loved Ed, he was terribly sweet and had an innocence about the world and life, that made the world seem like a better place.

The star of the book for me had to be Milo. I loved him, I loved his naivety, his wisdom and most of all, I loved how he made everyone around him feel better, by just simply being in his presence. As Ciara wrote, he was a tonic, helping Faith get through the hard times. And to quote young Milo, he was a “legend”

“Lifesaving For Beginners” is a superb book that will have you captivated into the small hours. Filled with wit and moments of a darker side which occasionally makes for emotional reading as Kat struggles to deal with letting people get closer to her.

Ciara Geraghty has proven just how wonderful a writer she is, she can quickly adapt herself as a reclusive 39 year old crime writer to a 9 year old trainee lifesaver, in quick succession flowing the two characters beautifully throughout the story, never once confusing the reader.

With one of the prettiest covers of 2012, “Lifesaving For Beginners” is a wonderful triumph of a book.

You can buy Lifesaving for Beginners on Amazon and other good bookshops.

Finding Mr Flood Giveaway

Finding Mr Flood

The lovely people at Hodder have given me a copy of “Finding Mr Flood” by Ciara Geraghty to giveaway, which has been re-released with a pretty new cover.

To be in with an chance of winning, simply reply below with your answer by Monday 13th August and I shall pick a name at random.

If you would like a reason to enter the give-away, read my review of the lovely book and then drop me a line.

Good luck!