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Book Tour – Lesley Pearse 25 In 25

HopeTo celebrate the exciting release of Lesley Pearse’s new book called ‘The Woman In The Wood’ which is actually her 25th book, I’m delighted to be part of the ’25 in 25′ blog tour, that each day reveals a different fact about Lesley and each of her 25 bestsellers.

On the tour today, I share a fact about her book called ‘Hope’

For Hope I found out more about the disease Cholera than anyone needs to know. And I went to the battle fields of the Crimea.

You can buy The Woman in the Wood from Amazon and is available to buy from good bookshops.

Book News – The Break By Marian Keyes

Marian Keyes

I am absolutely delighted to see that Marian Keyes will be returning to our bookshelves with a new book in September called ‘The Break’.

Not much has been revealed about Marian thirteenth novel, only that it tells the story of a relationship that “everyone thought was forever and which is now in danger of being for never”. The news was announced on The Bookseller website and according to her publisher, Michael Joseph, it is about discovering that you can’t take anyone or anything in life for granted.

“It is Marian Keyes at her hilarious and insightful best,” the publisher said.

Louise Moore, manager director of Michael Joseph, added: “Michael Joseph has the great privilege of publishing Marian’s thirteenth novel, ‘The Break’. It is Marian at her funniest and most insightful; she is a writer who encapsulates perfectly the complications – both painful and wonderful – of love.”

Back in 2016, Marian celebrated 21 years with Penguin Random House since her first novel ‘Watermelon’ was published in 1995.

With no cover to reveal as off yet, ‘The Break’ is most definitely one of the books I will look forward to reading in 2017. Roll on September!

You can pre-order The Break from Amazon and will be available to buy from good bookshops from 7th September 2017.

Good Me Bad Me By Ali Land

Good Me Bad Me‘Good Me Bad Me’ is the latest book by Ali Land.

Annie’s mother is a serial killer. The only way she can make it stop is to hand her in to the police. But out of sight is not out of mind. As her mother’s trial looms, the secrets of her past won’t let Annie sleep, even with a new foster family and name – Milly. A fresh start. Now, surely, she can be whoever she wants to be. But Milly’s mother is a serial killer. And blood is thicker than water. Good me, bad me. She is, after all, her mother’s daughter…

I have read some dark and twisted books in my time, but none of them has stood out to me as much as ‘Good Me, Bad Me’.

It’s such a complex tale written through the narrative of Milly, a young girl who’s mother was a serial child killer and she has to testify against her mother in the very public court case. As Milly moves in with a new family with a new identity, she has to adjust to the life around as well as deal with the memories and emotions on the run up to the trial.

Whilst, reading this book I experienced such a flurry of emotions that it was impossible to put it down. Milly is a complicated character, having being exposed to various types of abuse as well as witness to some of the most horrific things that a child has to see, it’s no wonder she has trouble settling in. The family that she is placed with look perfect but behind closed doors, seem quite troubled. Mike, is her foster parent, but not only that he is her therapist and is helping advise and guide her through the court case and helping her deal with what she has been through. His wife, Saskia is a bit of a sad character, her main interest is yoga and she tries to get along with her only daughter, Phoebe who continuously pushes her away. Phoebe is an unlikable character. She’s a spoilt bully, who picks on Annie, publicly tormenting her whilst pretending to be her friend in the house. She’s jealous of the attention, Milly gets from her parents particularly from Mike and never misses an opportunity to make her feel uncomfortable or unwanted in both school and home life.

Milly has been through so much and I wanted nothing more than for her to able to settle in and finally have the life that she always wanted. A loving family that provided a secure and happy environment where she wasn’t on edge and constantly afraid. But every time, Milly tries to relax, something happens that reminds her of dark times, the run up to the court case, the bullying at the school and it is at these times, we see a different side to the quiet girl.

With her narrative flowing back and forth from past and present tense, Milly clearly tells her story of her traumatic childhood at the hands of her evil mother and this truly does make for disturbing reading. She’s a brave character, who has conflicted feelings, the love and hatred for a troubled parent and why she was exposed to so much.

Cleverly written with dark but sympathetic characters that I did feel a strong empathy for, this book was captivating from the very start. Riddled with deceit, this atmospheric story made for truly dark and unsettling reading that really pulls the reader in, touching on the subject of child abuse, serial killers and multiple personalities, ‘Good Me, Bad Me’ is an explosive story of morals, moving on and a teenage girl trying to piece herself back together and just wanting to be loved.

You can buy Good Me Bad Me from Amazon and is available to buy from good bookshops.

My Map Of You By Isabelle Broom

My Map Of You‘My Map Of You’ is the first book by Isabelle Broom

Holly Wright has had a difficult few years. After her mother’s death, she’s become expert at keeping people at a distance – including her boyfriend, Rupert. But when Holly receives an unexpected letter explaining that an aunt she never met has left her a house on the Greek island of Zakynthos, the walls she has built begin to crumble. Arriving on the island, Holly meets the handsome Aidan and slowly begins to uncover the truth about the secret which tore her family apart. But is the island where Holly really belongs? Or will her real life catch up with her first?

If you are looking for an escapism read, then this book is most certainly the book for you, set against the glorious backdrop of Zakynathos, this summer read will encourage everyone to book a holiday.

The story is seen solely through the narrative of Holly Wright, a girl who is unhappy in life, although her boyfriend is besotted with her, Holly feels that her life isn’t complete and with her 30th birthday just around the corner, she feels the pressure of life becoming more immense. When she suddenly receives a letter from an aunt that she didn’t know about, Holly finds herself travelling to Greece by herself, hoping to uncover the truth about her family’s feud as well as find her place in life.

Isabel is the book review editor at Heat magazine and with her knowledge and skills, she’s written a witty and exotic book that made for warm-hearted reading during the coldest of months. Holly is an interesting character, with her mother deceased, she’s alone with no family and she always wondered about her heritage. So, she jumps at the chance to visit Zakynathos and look after her Aunt Sandra’s house, who also sadly passed away. It’s on this adventure, that Holly begins to discover, about her past, her mother and that maybe life in London, isn’t the life for her. At the start of the story, we meet a quiet girl who’s settling in life but as the story progresses, we see Holly come out her shell and begin to feel happier in herself. The addition of a handsome Irish man called Aidan in the story also makes for nice reading, as himself and his dog Phelan, look after her and take her on many adventures around and beyond the island.

An interesting inclusion to the story, is the addition of letters in the book that add an element of mystery to the story, as Holly begins to expose family secrets.

Fun from the first page, ‘My Map Of You’ is an emotional and sassy book that made for tender reading, packed with glorious blue skies and turquoise seas, this book is a story about self discovery, forgiveness and love and is perfect for fans of Paige Toon and Ali McNamara.

You can buy My Map of You from Amazon and is available to buy from good bookshops.

My Sweet Revenge By Jane Fallon

My Sweet Revenge‘My Sweet Revenge’ is the latest book by Jane Fallon

Paula has had Robert’s back since they got together as drama students. She gave up her dreams so he could make it. Now he’s one of the nation’s most popular actors. And Paula’s just discovered he’s having an affair.She’s going to remind Robert just what he’s sacrificing. And then she’s going to break his heart like he broke hers. It will be her greatest acting role ever.

When it comes to Jane Fallon, she’s one of my favourite authors, definitely in my top three so when I was fortunate to receive a copy of her brand new book ‘My Sweet Revenge’, I dropped everything so I could delve straight in.

The story is primarily seen through the eyes of Paula, a comfortable house wife who discovers her actor husband is having an affair with his on-screen wife, Saskia. Distraught and angered that the man she committed her life to, has betrayed her, she decides to get revenge on him. She goes about reinventing herself, gone are the dowdy days of the quiet wife, she becomes glamorous investing in a new wardrobe and loses weight, with the intention of showing what he’s losing when she confronts him. But cleverly, she befriends Saskia, the woman that he’s being having an affair and the two of become good friends, but both women have seriously different motives for the friendship.

Like Jane’s previous books, the story flows at a fast and witty pace. The narrative is dark and humorous and the characters are both relatable and likeable so this makes for enjoyable reading. Paula, is a particularly great lead, instead of falling apart when she finds Robert is cheating on her, she seizes the opportunity to create a better life and image for herself. It’s lovely to see her blossom in the story, as she grows in confidence and feels better about herself. I loved her sharp wit and her strength. Meanwhile Saskia is everything you imagine, an actress to be, vain and self absorbed, she cares for no-one but herself which suits Robert down to the ground, as he is also quite a horrible man, interested in his job, he takes for granted what a lovely person his wife is.

I read this book in a day, I literally couldn’t put it down. There are so many quick-witted moments in the story as well as scintillating scenes making it flow at a lively pace. A fun and believable tale about friendship, deceit and riddled with drama, this book is a clever, edgy tale about strong women with a fabulous twist, Jane’s back with another cracker of a story.

You can pre-order My Sweet Revenge from Amazon and will be available to buy from good bookshops from 12th January 2017.