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An Unsuitable Marriage By Colette Dartford

An Unsuitable Marriage‘An Unsuitable Marriage’ is the latest book by Colette Dartford.

Olivia had everything – a loving husband in Geoffrey, a thoughtful and intelligent son in Edward and a beautiful home in the Somerset countryside. But all that changed when Geoffrey’s business went under. Now penniless and homeless, Geoffrey is living with his recently widowed mother, whilst Olivia has been forced to work as a housemistress at her son’s elite boarding school. With their marriage under intolerable strain, Geoffrey makes a mistake – one that has devastating consequences for the guilty and innocent alike . . .’An Unsuitable Marriage’ is an unexpected tale of drama and suspense. A story about family, who at such an important time in their lives, should be coming together but instead are moving further and further apart.

In this book, we meet Olivia, a house mistress at the local boarding school. She’s unhappy, having to leave her comfortable life behind when her husband’s business went bankrupt and they had to give up their house and they moved into her mother-in-law’s house. Rowena, is an old-fashioned woman, set in her ways and is delighted to have her son back in her bosom, meanwhile she tends to leave Olivia to her own devices whilst quietly judging her. Geoffrey, is distraught that he let his family down, as he struggles to find work, he’s reminded of all the people he let down when his factory closed. At a time, when the pair of them should be supporting each other, they are drifting further away from each other and finding comfort in other peoples arms.

The story is a battle of morals, loyalty and despair as Olivia and Geoffrey try to carry on with their marriage but both are desperately unhappy. As the story progresses, the pair are faced with other problems, their son being bullied, the guilt of redundancy and affairs and the mysterious and sudden death of the Principals wife.

‘An Unsuitable Marriage’ is an emotional tale that really tugs at the heartstrings. The characters and the situations are relatable and sympathetic so the book was easy to delve into and get absorbed in. The book is filled with many issues, bullying, redundancy as well as adultery that there rarely is a dull moment in this gentle story. Cleverly crafted with warmhearted twists and turns that made for enjoyable reading, ‘An Unsuitable Marriage’ is about finding strength and survival and is perfect for fans of Hilary Boyd and Jill Mansell.

You can buy An Unsuitable Marriage from Amazon and will be available to buy from good bookshops.

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