Anna’s Promise By Pauline Tait

‘Anna’s Promise’ is the second book in the Maren Bay series by Pauline Tait.

Struggling to come to terms with losing her mother, Anna embarks on a journey to uncover the truth about her family and her mother’s hidden past.And while a letter, a photograph and the Old Lodge lead her back to the Isle of Skye, Anna is shocked to discover the island she had holidayed on so often as a child has been quietly keeping the secrets her mother had left unsaid. Hamish, handsome, quiet, and moody, seems unnerved by Anna’s presence. Ben, a city slicker, out of place and determined to help Anna in her quest, proves invaluable, but is his presence on the island merely coincidental?Meanwhile, a newly discovered family member may not be a cause for celebration.

I enjoyed the first book in the ‘Marin Bay’ series so I was looking forward to the latest installment from the small Scottish town and it did not disappoint.

Seen mostly from the narrative of Anna, who’s grieving the loss of her mother, she finds refuge in the Isle of Sky and feels a connection to the place and whilst sorting her mother’s things, finds out about her unknown family and that she’s no longer alone in the world.

This was a lovely story, filled with drama, mystery, handsome and undesirable strangers. Anna is drawn to Ben, a man who’s family is connected to hers but as she delves into her family’s past, she is unsure if Ben is the person he has led to believe, whilst rough and ready Hamish, is looking out for Anna in his own stand-offish way.

The story flows at a lovely pace, the only thing for me was I found myself getting lost in the characters at the time as there were so many, but I was still able to understand the enjoy the tale and it was also lovely to return to Abigail and see how her life has progressed from the first book.

Beautifully written ‘Anna’s Promise’ is a charming and nostaglic story about family bonds, reconnecting and new beginnings.

You can buy ‘Anna’s Promise’ from Amazon.

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