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Before I Do By Sophie Cousens

Before I Do‘Before I Do’ is the latest book by Sophie Cousens.

Audrey is marrying Josh; steady, dependable Josh, the love of her life. They share a flat and a bank account, and it’s the only relationship that Audrey’s ever had that feels like something she can put her trust in. But romance should be full of fireworks, and as the big day approaches, Audrey’s found herself wondering if Josh really is ‘the one’. So, when Josh’s sister Miranda arrives at their rehearsal dinner with Fred – Audrey’s ‘What If?’ guy, the man she met six years ago and had one amazing day with but never saw again – Audrey can’t help but see it as a sign. Surely Fred’s appearance the night before Audrey is due to get married can’t be a coincidence. And when everything that could go wrong with the wedding starts to go wrong, Audrey has to wonder: could fate be trying to stop her from making a huge mistake?

Looking for a romantic story to get lost in? Then ‘Before I Do’ is just the ticket. The story is written in the past and present tense leading up to Audrey’s and Josh’s wedding, Audrey has been looking forward to this moment for years, but then Fred turns up as the plus one of Josh’s sister, Miranda. Fred was ‘Photo Booth guy’ the one that could away and the one that Audrey always wondered if he was the One.

Now that he’s appeared in her life, the security that Audrey felt with Josh is no longer there.

I loved this story. It’s fun and romantic with a protagonist who was relatable. Audrey’s life had been far from perfect, with her actress mother Vivian always vying for the limelight, she wasn’t a good role model with relationships, now onto her second husband after cheating on her first.

The beginning of the story starts at a pivotal point in the book and after that the story flows at a lovely pace and the past and present perspectives really set the decent and the characters as well.

A refreshing voice in female fiction, ‘Before I Do’ is a heartwarming story about what if, love and everything in between.

You can buy ‘Before I Do’ from Amazon and is available to buy from good bookshops.

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