Best Men By Sidney Karger

Best Men‘Best Men’ is the latest book by Sidney Karger.

An hour after meeting a hot stranger at a bar, Max is with him on the rooftop of his Manhattan apartment, making out. Just five minutes later, Max is bolting back down twelve flights of stairs, hoping never to see him again. Then comes your best friend’s wedding. So the last person Max wants to turn up at his best friend’s wedding – where he is official Gay of Honour to the bride – is that very same hot stranger. Or for him to be a Best Man too – for the groom. Now the co-Best Men are in a fight to the death over who will be the actual best. But although Max wants to keep his friend close, he discovers he wants to keep his enemy even closer…

If you’re looking for a fun and upbeat story, then ‘Best Men’ is just the book for you!

The story is seen from the narrative of Max, who’s always he’d marry first but his best friend Paige has beat him to it. Although he’s been asked to the Official Gay of Honour, he’s partnered alongside Chasten, the Best Man, a man he had a sexual encounter with only nights earlier. As both men battle to help Paige create the perfect wedding, Max wants to really dislike Chasten but can’t help falling for him instead.

This is a modern rom-com that is packed with wit, drama and love. It’s not just about sexual relationships, but friendships as well and this makes for lovely reading. It’s also refreshing to read the narrative of a gay man in this love story. The characters are a great mix of personalities, I loved the interaction between Max and Chasten, how they bounce of each other and there’s an obvious connection between them and also Max’s friendship with Paige is lovely, and the sequences featuring trips down memory lane is delightful.

Funny, charming and deliciously original, ‘Best Men’ is an observational and wittily written story about love and life seen from the perspective of a sassy and outspoken man, I loved it!

You can buy ‘Best Men’ from Amazon and is available to buy from good bookshops.

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