Cover The Bones By Rachel Amphlett

‘Cover The Bones’ is the fifth book in the Detective Mark Turpin series from USA Today bestselling author Rachel Amphlett.

When archaeologists discover a skeleton in secluded woodland, the body is first thought to be related to an ancient Saxon settlement. Then the torn and rotten remains of another woman’s bones are uncovered, her injuries bearing the markings of abuse and a violent death. Detective Mark Turpin is tasked with finding their killer, except the forensic evidence is perplexing and the victims’ bodies are proving impossible to identify. When a third victim is discovered only metres from the first, Mark and his team realise they’re running out of time to find out whoever is responsible. Are the brutal murders the only evidence in a case gone cold, or does a serial killer lurk in the shadows, stalking their next victim?

This is the first book that I’ve read by Rachel and I have to admit that this police procedural drama was a gripping story that I was able to enjoy as a standalone even though it was the fifth book in the series.

The story is seen from the perspective of both Detective Mark Turpin and his police partner Jan West as they try to identify the remains of bodies that have been found but with little to no evidence, this cold case is proving impossible to solve especially with more bodies turning up. The case takes them on a wild goose chase that goes back years.

I really enjoyed this crime thriller, it’s a fast-paced procedural book that is fascinating in its information and is thoroughly researched. The characters are an interesting bunch, both Mark and Jan are committed to finding the killer even though it is detriment to their sleep, family and health.

A thrilling cat and mouse story that is on the countdown to stop a serial killer ‘Cover The Bones’ is a fast-paced drama from the first page and definitely a series I’ll be looking into!

You can buy ‘Cover The Bones’ from Amazon and is available to buy from good bookshops.

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