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Everything I Know About Love By Dolly Alderton

Everything I Know About Love‘Everything I Know About Love’ is the debut book by Dolly Alderton and also been shortlisted for Waterstones, Book of the Year.

Dolly Alderton was a former Sunday times dating columnist and in her debut book, she embarks on a thirty year journey exploring the various relationships she’s been in over the years and how they have shaped her into the woman that she has become.

Through memoirs, diary entries and random emails, this collection of stories are wittily and poignantly written that makes for bittersweet and sad reading in parts. Dolly explores the complexities of relationships, not only with the opposite sex but with friends through the years.

On this journey, we encounter feelings of betrayal and jealousy when friends fall in love and leave others behind, a situation that we’ve all experienced at some point in our lives. The tragic story of losing friends to illness, which is a particularly heartbreaking chapter as well as the hilarious dramas of online dating.

This book is a story of self discovery and self worth and for Dolly, it was all about putting herself before relationships and for me that’s admirable, especially in today’s society where there is such pressure put on our status in life.

Also having recently seen Dolly in conversation about this book, she is a warm and witty woman who offers inspirational advice to women who are struggling with relationships.

An honest account of life and relationships with plenty of humour throughout, ‘All I Know About Love’ is most certainly an insightful book that offers advice to people who are at a turning point in their lives.

You can buy Everything I Know About Love from Amazon and is available to buy from good bookshops.

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