Fall River By Meredith Miller

‘Fall River’ is the latest book by Meredith Miller.

One young woman disappears as another returns. Alice has turned to the river looking to drown the voices in her head. Khadija has come home to uncover the terrible history hidden beneath its surface. The London train screeches by while the rest of the town is still asleep along the banks of the Tamar. They’ll wake up that morning to find that everything, and nothing, has changed. Sooner or later, the river pulls them all. Sooner or later, someone falls…

Atmospheric from the first page, ‘Fall River’ is a dark and deep book focusing on female relationships and dynamics. The story is seem from different perspectives of the females in the small town where everyone lives in each other’s pockets. It’s primarily seen from the narrative of Khadija who’s find it hard to return to the small minded town especially after leaving in bad circumtances.

The mix of characters are interesting, almost witch like, Khadij’s aunt has psychic abilities which is unsettling to read at times with the way she describes things but it’s also fascinating. Khadija is another interesting character with a dark past and returning to the town sees her digging into its history which left a lot deceased as there was a workplace that contained absestos leaving a lot of people dead. Whilst elderly Nora adds an elment of humour to the dark story.

An observational insight into relationships and letting go, ‘Fall River’ is an interesting story that made for good reading.

You can buy ‘Fall River’ from Amazon.

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