Flat White Lies By A.A. Abbott

‘Flat White Lies’ is the latest book by A.A. Abbott.

Jenna Wyatt has finally achieved her dream. She loves baking cakes in her charming new café and relaxing in her perfect city flat. But as inflation soars and her shyster ex strikes, she worries everything she’s worked for will go up in flames. Delighted when a customer offers to rent her spare rooms, she’s happy to tolerate his teenage daughter’s rudeness for a chance of financial security. But when she discovers her tenants are hiding secrets and a woman is found drowned in the canal, Jenna fears she’s been sharing her home with a killer. Can she bring a murderer to justice without becoming the next victim?

At 224 pages, this book can easily be read in one sitting with a couple of cups of tea. The story is seen through multiple narratives, Jenna the protagonist of the book, Skye, the teenager of the story and an unknown man who has a problem. The story has a great mix of characters, Jenna is quirky and relatable with financial issues, she’s under pressure to fulfil the dream of both her and her mother and being left in debt because of her ex is heartbreaking to read as she tries to think of ways to raise money. Her lodger and his teenage daughter are two suspicious characters, Skye has all the traits of a teenage girl, petulant, moody and pushes Jenna’s buttons whilst Andrew, who Jenna is attracted to but unfortunately he’s a charmer without no money even though Jenna thought he’d help her problems. As the story develops, Jenna begins to doubt the authenticity of the father/daughter duo particularly when Skye borrows Jenna’s passport for a project.

This story is cleverly written with suspense and drama throughout and complex and suspicious characters. Primarily set in a quirky coffee shop with a quirky owner, I loved the title of the book with it play on coffee as well.

Gripping from the start, ‘Flat White Lies’ is a thrilling book packed with deceit, lies and plenty of delicious cake.

You can buy ‘Flat White Lies’ from Amazon.

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