Free Fall By Sherry Hostler

‘Free Fall’ is the latest book by Sherry Hostler.

Ellie is feeling alone and unhappy in her marriage. Her husband no longer shows any interest in her and is constantly travelling for work. So, when Saul, a handsome stranger, offers her everything she’s been missing, what starts as a harmless flirtation quickly grows into something deeper. Before it can go too far, however, Ellie comes to her senses and ends the burgeoning relationship. It’s over – or is it? A series of unexplained and sometimes threatening events soon lead Ellie to believe that maybe Saul isn’t as out of her life as she’d thought.

At only over 130 pages, this psychological thriller can be easily consumed in one sitting.

Seen from the narrative of Ellie, she’s unhappy in her marriage, her husband Alex is always away on business leaving her with the cat. Until one day she meets Saul at a networking event and makes her feel seen again. They become close until Ellis decides that as much as she is attracted to Saul, she doesn’t want to jeopardise her marriage but Saul doesn’t want to take no for an answer and Ellie finds herself having to deal with a stalker.

Riddled with suspense and drama, this book ticks all the boxes. The characters are complex and relatable as we observe Ellie’s dysfunctional marriage, it’s fascinating to see why the couple are so distant. Saul is as equally charming as he is obsessive, staking his claim on Ellie and terrorising her.

Tense, intriguing and addictive, ‘Free Fall’ explores if the grass is indeed greener when the temptation to stray is too much with terrifying consequences.

You can buy ‘Free Fall’ from Amazon.

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