Good Husbands By Cate Ray

Good Husbands‘Good Husbands’ is the latest book by Cate Ray.

Jess, Priyanka and Stephanie are all happily married to men they think they know inside out. Then each woman receives a letter accusing her husband of involvement in a sexual assault that took place 20 years ago. Who do they believe, what should they do and can they come together as their lives are upended?

I never like giving negative reviews but I did find myself struggling a bit with this book. I found it lengthy with three female characters that I occasionally found it hard to distinguish between.

The story is seen through the narrative of three women who have all been sent a note saying that their husbands raped a woman. Through this note they reach out to each other and set out about finding the truth and whether they really known the men that they have children with.

The three women are Priyanka, Jess and Stephanie and the chapters alternate as the women form a reluctant but necessary bond to find out the truth. The women are quite similar, all married with children with comfortable lives so often I found it hard to distinguish which character I was reading.

This book had the potential to be a gripping story, but sadly it failed to grip my attention. I found the characters lacklustre and their reaction to such earth shattering news as quite tame. The story flowed along at a pace that should have engaged me, but it didn’t hook me in. Granted, there were a few twists that surprised me but not enough and even though the main storyline was about a rape, I just didn’t feel that the book was as hard hitting as it could be.

Regrettably, ‘Good Husbands’ wasn’t quite the book for me, but read it for yourself as not everyone has the same opinion.

You can buy ‘Good Husbands’ from Amazon.

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