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He Is Not Worthy By Lis McDermott

He Is Not Worthy‘He Is Not Worthy’ is the latest book by Lis McDermott.

Rhi Dobbs is head of the art department in a secondary school in Whittingbury, a small town on the south west coast of England. She has her dream job and lives in her own idyllic cottage by the sea with her cat Tibbs. Her life is more than she could ever hope for. Ben Brooks is a loner who cares for his mum, who always makes him feel worthless. He is obsessed with a red-headed girl who he met several years ago, just once, on what was the worst day of his life. He lives his life vicariously through hers, until she does the unspeakable. Tragic events and an inappropriate love affair mean that both of their lives will be changed forever.

This book was a relatively short and easy story that was easy to consume in one sitting.

Rhi is a teacher who develops feeling for her student and when Josh reciprocated those feelings, she finds herself in dangerous territory and out of a job. But unknown to Rhi, she made a difference to someone’s lives many years ago and they never got over. Reclusive Ben lives with his mother and dotes on Rhi from afar, but she’s unaware of him.

The story is seen from the perspective of Rhi and Ben and it makes for interesting reading as Rhi struggles with her feelings for Josh and the consequences of following her feelings. I had conflicted feelings towards Ben, on one hand I felt a sympathy towards him for the sheltered life that he led but I also found him extremely creepy and unsettling.

A thrilling story about forbidden love, lust and obsession, ‘He’s Not Worthy’ is a well crafted plot that made for engaging reading.

You can buy ‘He Is Not Worthy’ from Amazon and is available to buy from good bookshops.

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