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How To Fall in Love By Cecelia Ahern

How To Fall In Love‘How To Fall in Love’ is the latest book by bestselling Irish author, Cecelia Ahern.

Is falling in love as natural as breathing? Or is it something to be learned? Christine Rose isn’t sure. Her own marriage was safe and unthreatening yet she walked out. Her family think its a midlife crisis. She knows it’s because there’s nothing like seeing something real to realise what’s fake. Late one night, she is crossing Dublin’s Halfpenny Bridge when she sees the police dealing with an attempted suicide. A man is balanced on the edge threatening to jump into the water below. Christine is determined that he will be saved. So determined that she makes a deal with the man, Adam, that she’ll persuade him life is worth living by the time he turns 35 or he’s free to carry out his threat. She has just two weeks to teach Adam, to rediscover the joy in the world around them. Two weeks to teach him how to fall in love – with his own life.

I have read a few of Cecelia Ahern’s books and even though I have enjoyed them, none of them made me feel the way ‘How To Fall In Love’ did. I thought it was a beautifully written and magical story, that made me want to retreat to a quiet place so I could be left alone to read in peace.

The main characters are in the story are Christine Rose and Adam Basil. Christine Rose lives her life by self help books, becoming an unlikely therapist in her job as an recruitment officer by helping people such as Oscar, who has a fear of public transport, confront their fears and overcome. It is through her desire to self help, that she meets Adam, who is about to jump of the Halfpenny bridge, promising him that he does have something to live, she offers to change his mind by his birthday, which is just two weeks ago.

I loved Christine, I loves her passion to help those around her and try to fix people’s lives whilst her own was slowing spiraling out of control. Her marriage has fallen apart and every single thing that she ever told her ex boyfriend in confidence is now being relayed to everyone close to her. Adam, a strong, resilient man has lost his way in the world, finds himself relying on a stranger to help bring him back onto the beaten path. With a witty and dark sense of humour, I found Adam to be a delicious and charming lead and with Christine as his unlikely sidekick, the pair of them find themselves in all kinds of ridiculous situations, as they lead their lives by Christine’s collection of self help books. The addition of Christine’s wonderfully eccentric family, added a delightful dose of humour to the story, with their bluntness and sharp tongues, that Christine found herself regularly on the end of.

‘How To Fall In Love’ is a cleverly written and original story, that makes for captivating and tender reading and is most definitely my favourite Cecelia Ahern book of all time.

You can buy How to Fall in Love from Amazon and is available to buy from good bookshops.

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  1. I can’t believe I’ve never read any of Cecilia Ahern’s books – this sounds great, I must give it a try 🙂

    November 28, 2013

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