How To Stuff Up Christmas By Rosie Blake

[amazon_link id=”B010KMZSYU” target=”_blank” ]How To Stuff Up Christmas[/amazon_link]’How To Stuff Up Christmas’ is the latest book by Rosie Blake.

Eve is heartbroken after discovering her fiancé is cheating on her. Being surrounded by the joys of Christmas is more than Eve can bear, so she chooses to avoid the festivities by spending Christmas alone on a houseboat in Pangbourne. Eve gets gets an unexpected seasonal surprise when handsome local vet Greg comes to her rescue one day, and continues to visit Eve’s boat on a mission to transform her from Kitchen Disaster Zone to Culinary Queen. But where does Greg keep disappearing to? What does Eve’s best friend Daisy know that she isn’t telling? And why is there an angry goose stalking Eve’s boat?

Rosie Blake is back with another comedic, roller coaster of a story packed with tender moments, adventures on narrow boats and a hyperactive Morkie. The story is primarily seen through the eyes of Eve, a heartbroken, young woman who hasn’t quite recovered after the supposed love of her life and fiancee Liam cheated on her. Suddenly alone with a dog, that she isn’t used to, Eve dreads the Christmas particularly as her family are putting pressure on her to spend the seasonal time with them. Touched at their concern, Eve would love to be cuddled up in the family bosom but she would prefer to be alone and lick her wounds. So, in a state of anxiety, she signs herself up for a pottery course in the middle of no-where where her home for the time, is a narrowboat.

There is also the inclusion of Greg, the village vet who is admired by loved and admired by many with his kind and gentle nature. He befriends Eve, taking her under his wing and introducing her to the village and life on a narrowboat and the two of them become tentative friends, but Greg harbour a secret from Eve that prevents him from getting her too close to her even though the sweet pair have a mutual attraction towards each other.

The story is packed with deliciously, fabulous characters that really do for entertaining reading. Eve is a sweetheart, who you desperately want to have her happy ever after and find yourself urging herself on and getting out there. Her family are extremely funny, particularly her dad with his crazy clothes due to his colour blindness and her mother who is in a constant of panic. Greg is also wonderful, seeing his new friendship with both Eve and Marmite, her little Morkie dog progress, which makes for insightful reading as we see the story through his eyes. The story flows at a lovely fresh pace, with some surprising twists and turns that do make for shocking reading and laugh out loud reading.

Like Rosie’s previous book, ‘How To Get A (Love) Life’, this story is a genuinely heartwarming and festive book, that makes for the perfect book to curl up during the Christmas period. Packed with Christmas recipes that are easy to make and will definitely get you into the Christmas spirit, ‘How To Stuff Up Christmas’ is a fun and romantic tale that will leave you feeling all warm and fuzzy inside.

You can buy [amazon_link id=”B010KMZSYU” target=”_blank” ]How to Stuff Up Christmas from Amazon [/amazon_link] and is available to buy from good bookshops.

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