Idle Hands By Cassondra Windwalker

Idle Hands‘Idle Hands’is the latest book by Cassondra Windwalker.

After making the courageous decision to leave her abusive husband, Perdie and her three young children start over and finally find the safety and love they deserve. But years later, when tragedy strikes, Perdie is left wondering if the choice she made to leave has led them to this moment. If she were given the opportunity to take it all back and stay, would she? In a frantic bid to protect her family, Perdie makes a deal with the devil to do just that. But in a world where the devil pulls the strings, can Perdie really change the past?

This book has an unique premise, what would happen if you made a deal with the devil and it makes for entertaining and witty reading.

The story is written in the first person of Ella who plays the devil in the story. She’s observing Perdie, who’s in a abusive and controlling relationship with her husband Matt. Matt is a narcissist, belittling his wife and 3 children, so when the opportunity arrives for Perdie to escape the controlling relationship, she’s seizes it. After moving away, she finds herself with a new life, job and partner and is finally happy. Until one day, her youngest son called Tad is tragically killed and it’s when receiving this news that she meets the devil who grants her a wish that Tad was never killed.

In granting this wish, Perdie has to return to her old life which includes her abusive husband unaware of the life that she has escaped.

This story makes for bittersweet reading as when we initially join Perdie on her journey, we’re delighted for her to have finally found some happiness only for it to be tragically taken away. And then having to return to a life that made everyone so unhappy.

The story is hard reading at times, as the husband is a horrible character, verbally and physically towards the family. Always belittling them and putting them down.

With the different perspectives in the story, it makes for interesting reading. Ella as an additional character adds an element of humour to the tale but some sadness as she observes the true reality of Perdie’s situation.

A unique storyline that made for funny and poignant reading, ‘Idle Hands’ is a short story that I was able to read in one sitting. With a stunning cover, this book covers the topics of abuse and was atmospheric from the first page. Witty and cleverly written with dark humour and poignancy. ‘Idle Hands’ is a thinker of a story that pulls the reader in, a gripping and intense story that makes the reader fall in love with the character only to be dealt with a heartbreaking blow at the end.

You can buy ‘Idle Hands’ from Amazon and is also available to buy from good bookshops.

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