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Into The Lake By LK Chapman

Into The Lake‘Into The Lake’ is the latest book by LK Chapman.

When Natalie reluctantly agrees to attend her school reunion, she hits it off with troubled former classmate Josh and finds herself swept up in a whirlwind romance with him. Then she receives the messages: Josh Sparkes is a murderer.
Why don’t you ask him what happened all those years ago? Ask him about Mikayla.
Ask him about the lake. As abusive messages keep on coming and shocking secrets are exposed, Natalie has to put herself in the path of a killer to get to the truth. Can she discover what really happened, or will she be next?

2021 is just the year that keeps on giving when it comes to psychological thrillers and ‘Into The Lake’ is up with being a thrilling story.

The story is primarily seen through new couple Josh and Natalie who meet at their high school reunion and fall in love. Once a model, Natalie’s career comes to a halt when scarred after an accident but she’s happy with her career working as a wedding planner and Josh is busy working in web security. Their life is perfect until Natalie starts getting trolled not only about her appearance but also about her relationship with Josh who’s stirred up his past and involvement in a young girl’s death. As the pair try to organise their happy ever after they are being threatened and trolled.

This is the perfect thriller to curl up with, the characters are complex and flawed and this makes for addictive reading. The dual narratives are a clever addition as the pair fall in love and are looking forward to their future together only for old wounds to be reopened. Josh is tormented by his past and with his struggles with mental illness, he’s doubtful about his past particularly, when his horrible step-brother Toby, questions his involvement and tormented his as a teenager.

It’s sad to see as the story progresses, the pair fall in love only for it all to unravel when the messages start and both Josh and Natalie are unsure who to believe and for me, this made for really interesting reading.

A compulsive and thrilling story packed with sympathetic and cruel characters, this book literally packed a punch, ‘Into The Lake’ is a sinister and tense story with filled with characters who are capable of anything!

You can buy ‘Into The Lake’ from Amazon and is available to buy from good bookshops.

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