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Just For Today By Nell Hudson

Just For Today‘Just For Today’ is the latest book by Nell Hudson.

It all starts on New Year’s Eve. A night that has to be a success, whatever the cost. For Joni and her friends, it’ll be a party that promises all the high stakes and glamour of any other, but by sunrise they’ll be dealing with something darker than the usual post-party comedown. Not that they let this stand in their way. For this is their year to revel in all that the playground of London has to offer: sneaking into places they shouldn’t, breaking every rule, falling in love with the wrong people. All the while avoiding one undeniable truth: it’s not if the party ends, it’s how.

The story is seen the narrative of Joni, who’s parents were not fans of Joni Mitchell. She loves her job as a nanny but finds herself a crossroad when it suddenly comes to an end she’s living in a cottage with her new love Henry and she’s wondering what to do with her life next.

This story is an interesting one and delves into relationships and personalities of twenty somethings living in London enjoying the party scene but also dealing with grief, new love and trying to find your place in the world. I liked Joni, she’s fun and falls in love quickly and is easily swept away, it’s interesting to follow her as she figures out what’s next in life and try to get head around her complicated relationship with her childhood friend, Dylan.

‘Just For Today’ is an engrossing coming of age story packed with wit, drama, and relatable characters and what happens when the party ends and the lights come up.

You can buy ‘Just For Today’ from Amazon and is available to buy from good bookshops.

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