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Life Slightly By Nigel Jay Cooper

Life Slightly‘Life Slightly’ is the latest book by Nigel Jay Cooper.

When Gavin meets Jackie on a bench in the local park, he thinks she’s a stranger. She knows better. She’s connected to him in ways he can’t yet imagine. She swore she wouldn’t do this again but it’s real this time. So real, she might do something reckless and tell him everything. He’ll understand. It wasn’t her fault, not really. Perhaps he’ll forgive her, even if she can never forgive herself.

‘Life Slightly’ was a story that completely took me by surprise. Seen from the narrative of Gavin and Jackie, the pair of them are at a crossroads in life.

Gavin thinks that Jackie is just a kind stranger who’s leant him a shoulder to cry on but Jackie has a keen eye and intuition when things are bad.

The story is a moving one, about hiding your true identity and giving up on genuine happiness. It’s a reflective observation into life and relationships.

Nigel writes beautifully, his characters pull you in with their personalities, they are vulnerable, flawed and all seeking second chances in life. They are relatable and along with the dialogue and atmospheric suspense, the story sweeps you away.

I found myself racing through this emotional rollercoaster of a story as I was so curious as to what Jackie’s connection to Gavin was and the gradual build up of suspense really made the book impossible to put down.

A stunning and poignant story about love, hope and forgiveness, ‘Life Slightly’ is a must read for all those who enjoy coming of age novels.

You can buy ‘Life Slightly’ from Amazon and is available to buy from good bookshops.

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