Lord Seeks Wife By Heather Barnett

Lord Seeks Wife‘Lord Seeks Wife is the latest book by Heather Barnett.

Reclusive academic Lord Noblet de Beeble doesn’t want to get married but his overbearing mother, Lady Caroline, is insisting he must. When he places an advert for a wife in the Situations Vacant section of his local newspaper, the national press pick up the story. A desperate Noblet calls on his handsome younger brother, Henry, to help him navigate the subsequent media frenzy. Among the hordes of hopeful candidates to descend on the village of Gently Rising is the beautiful and mysterious Mia Wild, who befriends local primary school teacher, Alice Brand. Alice has been looking for something to spice up her life, but getting embroiled in a very public wife-hunt wasn’t what she had in mind. In a summer packed with suspicious exes, snobbery, social climbers and sausage rolls, Gently Rising will bear witness to a public courtship like no other. But who will come out on top?

If you like quirky books filled with eccentric characters and madcap scenarios, then ‘Lord Seeks Wife’ is just for you.

Unfortunately named, Noblet George William Chatterton de Beele, 14th Earl of Pantling is seeking a wife and decide of going the traditional route of going to the pub or joining Tinder, he decides to put an advert in the local paper much to his mother’s despair.

The story then follows Noblet and his brother Henry as they try to whittle down the aspiring Ladies who have travelled to the small village of Gently Rising to audition for the position. The story is also seen through the narrative of Sinead Murphy, a ruthless young woman who’s determined to become the next Lady, Alice, a quiet schoolteacher and the mysterious Mia, a newcomer to the village who’s caught everyone’s attention particularly Noblet and Saskia’s Henry fiery girlfriend.

This story is fun with capital F. I loved Noblet with his aristocratic way of going on, he was charmingly laid back and oblivious to the ways of the world and seemed more interested in a companion rather than a wife. There are some wonderful characters in the story from the sharp tongue of Lady Caroline, Noblet’s mother to Lorraine, an eccentric character who was convinced that she was the one for Noblet and would go to quite extreme measures just to be alone with him, they all added a lot of colour and humour to the book. It was also hilarious to read how the small village coped with suddenly being under-siege by all this aspiring ladies and the it was put under the spotlight.

There was a lovely flow to the story, with the interweaving characters and stories all blending together nicely.

A charming story rich in warmth and fun, ‘Lord Seeks Wife’ is the perfect escapist book to curl up with.

You can ‘Lord Seeks Wife’ from Amazon and is available to buy from good bookshops.

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