Love At Cafe Lompar By Anna and Jacqui Burns

Love At Cafe Lompar‘Love At Cafe Lompar’ is by mother and daughter writing duo Anna and Jacqui Burns.

Grace believed she had the ideal marriage, but after Dan dies, she finds proof he had another family. Kat can’t admit that her father was less than perfect. Mother and daughter go to Montenegro to find out the truth. But when they track down Rosa and her son, while Grace is heart-broken, Kat can’t help being thrilled to have a brother. Kat starts helping out ‘just for a few days’ at Rosa’s restaurant, the Café Lompar. Soon both women are torn between their old and new lives, facing impossible choices.

If you’re looking for a summer read then look no further as this sunny and heartwarming story is the perfect poolside story.

It’s written through the narrative of mother and daughter Grace and Kat who after grieving the loss of Dan, leaving the trio now a duo. One day Grace stumbles upon a photograph and she discovers that Dan had another family in Montenegro. Heartbroken, her and Kat decide to meet Dan’s other partner Rosa and son Luka.

This is a beautifully written story and it’s vivid, warm and filled with delicious food that made for mouth watering reading. The story is written through alternating chapters between Grace and Kat and it’s interesting to read how the news effects them both in different ways.

They are both angry at Dan’s deceit but they are also curious about Rosa and Luka and as the four of them meet, they become friends who are there for each other during the difficult times.

Kat is a crossroad in her life, unhappy in her relationship and unsatisfied with her job, she seizes the opportunity to work in Rosa’s cafe and learns the local cuisine as well as inject some of her own style into it. It’s lovely to see her blossoming in confidence and also see her relationship with Luka grow. Although Luka is 19 and Kat is 24, they form an instant bond becoming firm friends.

As Grace ventures out on dates, we see her question herself after being so badly let down by Dan, but on reflection she learns that he wasn’t quite the man she thought he was and never made her completely happy with his selfish and stubborn ways.

I loved the dual narrative to the story as well as the mother/daughter team writing the book and I did wonder how the book was written and who was each character.

A glorious story filled with rustic charm, delicious food and new beginnings that made ‘Love At Cafe Lompar’ the perfect book to curl up with.

You can buy ‘Love At Cafe Lompar’ from Amazon and is available to buy from good bookshops.

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