Missing Pieces By Laura Pearson

[amazon_link id=”1912194759″ target=”_blank” ]Missing Pieces[/amazon_link]’Missing Pieces’ is the first book by Laura Pearson.

All Linda wants to do is sleep. She won’t look at her husband. She can’t stand her daughter. And she doesn’t want to have this baby. Having this baby means moving on, and she just wants to go back to before. Before their family was torn apart, before the blame was placed. Alienated by their own guilt and struggling to cope, the Sadler family unravels. They grow up, grow apart, never talking about their terrible secret. That is until Linda’s daughter finds out she’s pregnant. Before she brings another Sadler into the world, Bea needs to know what happened twenty-five years ago. What did they keep from her? What happened that couldn’t be fixed? A devastating mistake, a lifetime of consequences. How can you repair something broken if pieces are missing?

Missing Pieces is an intensely sad but beautifully written story about the loss of a child and how another one can never quite fill the void.

The story is written in two parts and is seen through the perspective of Linda, the mum, Tom, the husband and sisters Bea and Esme. It flows in past and present tense and gives the reader an understanding of the family and the difficulties they are facing from the loss of a child. Linda is heartbroken when her daughter dies and never seems able to move on, even with her older daughter Bea and baby Esme, she is unable to get over her loss and it’s up to Tom to try to hold the family together whilst the two sisters try to carry on with their lives, one knowing the sister that passed away and the other one living in her shadow.

This story is a wonderfully moving tale that will certainly tug at the heartstrings. The different perspectives of the story, is insightful as it shows how the tragedy is affecting each person differently.

The story battles many issues, death, mental illness plus the pressure of living in a dead person’s shadow, there doesn’t seem to be many topics that the book doesn’t cover.

Laura’s writing is clear and descriptive, creating vivid scenes of emotion and turmoil throughout. A heartbreaking story of bereavement and loss, ‘Missing Pieces’ is a triumph of a debut.

You can buy [amazon_link id=”1912194759″ target=”_blank” ]Missing Pieces from Amazon [/amazon_link] and is available on Kindle, iBooks, Nook, Kobo and Google Play.

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