Murder On The Moorland By Helen Cox

Murder On The Moorland‘Murder On The Moorland’ is the third book in the Kitt Hartley Yorkshire Mystery series by Helen Cox.

Kitt Hartley wakes to the news that a murder has been committed in Irendale, a village high on the wild Yorkshire moors where her boyfriend, DI Malcolm Halloran, lived with his ex-wife until she too, was murdered. The MO of the two crimes is identical, right down to the runic symbols carved into the victims’ hands. Unable to leave it to the local police to solve, Kitt and Halloran travel to Irendale, where a literary mystery awaits. A line of Anglo-Saxon poetry found on the victim leads to a hiding place, and another cryptic clue. What is the connection to the murder of Halloran’s wife all those years ago?

The latest book in the Kitt Hartley series is another explosive and addictive story of murder and mystery.

This time Kitt and her partner Malcolm Halloran have returned to Malcolm’s previous home where a murder has occurred and the victim was killed in a similar style of Malcolm’s wife. Although he’s not officially investigated the case, Mal feels a pull towards the case wanting to find out the truth, face up to the past to go forward with his future with Kitt.

This story is not only a murder case but also a treasure hunt as the duo use clues hidden behind from the murder to figure out who the killer is. But the killer is one step ahead of them and is out to stop them.

I’ve come to really enjoy the Kitt Hartley series, as the books have progressed we seem the relationship between Kitt and Mal blossom not only romantically but professionally as the duo work together to solve the crime as well as getting closer and developing more trust in each other. I really enjoy the dynamic between the couple and how Kitt always has a literary quote or fact to hand, to add a bit of eccentricity to her character.

The story is only a murder mystery but it’s also a poignant tale as Mal has to face up to old ghosts and finally put the tragic murder of his wife behind him to move on with Kitt and this makes for bitter sweet reading in parts.

Like the previous books in the Kitt Hartley series, ‘Murder on the Moorland’ is an addictive and fun whodunnit murder mystery. Filled with drama and suspense, this cosy thriller set in a sleepy village is cleverly plotted and charming story.

You can buy ‘Murder On The Moorland’ from Amazon and will be available to buy from good bookshops.

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